Wildwood Baptist Church School’s Out Bash a Big Success

Wildwood Baptist Church in Village Mills Tx knows how to throw BIG events for children and youth.

Their 2014 School’s Out Bash drew children, parents, and Southeast Texas Church groups from across the Golden Triangle.

Featured speaker Melvin Adams, former NBA Player and Harlem Globe Trotter brought energy and passion to his message about living a Christ centered life.

While Melvin shot 3,000 jump shots a day and practiced dribbing from a moving car until he could consistantly Wildwood Baptist Church Melvin Adams rightdribble at 10 miles an hour, he doesn’t speak of being overly proud of being an NBA player or a Harlem Globe Trotter. He does speak of being a proud father, a devoted husband, and a Christian man who makes himself accountable to others.

Melvin included personal details from his own life including overcoming a childhood of abuse.

Abuse is a difficult subject to talk about. Being abused as a child is the ultimate in helplessness, particularly when other adults (uncles, grandparents, and most importantly your other parent) do nothing to protect you (or often themselves as well).

Abused children, myself included, are ashamed of being abused. We know it’s not our fault, but it’s a feeling we can move past but never completely discard.

Though it defies logic, many abused children grow up to become abusive parents.

Others, often with the Lord’s help, turn completely the other direction making and keeping vows to be the kind of loving parents they never had.

People like Melvin Adams, who are most importantly able to become loving parents to their own children despite the scars of their own abuse, and also share a message to the world of moving beyond abuse are a wonderful blessing.

While this was a message that was of key interest to me, it was merely a part of Melivin’s overall message – Christians need to walk the walk over and above talking the talk.

Wildwood Baptist Church Melvin Adams Globe Trotter

Some of Melvin Adam’s observations included:

  • We offer and “eight track” church to an “I-Pod generation“. Kids won’t engage in a boring church. It’s not fair to ask why there aren’t more children, youth, and young families in our Southeast Texas churches if we insist on playing hymns from the early 1900s and preach on subjects they can’t apply to their lives.
  • Not everyone is called to preach, but everyone has a Spiritual gift. Melvin feels his gift is loving people – opening himself to others and being available for them to open up to him.
  • Christians must look at ourselves first. For Southeast Texas Christians, when we read a message in the Bible, think about how it applies to us, not to our spouse or our neighbors.
Wildwood Baptist Church Finn Yoakum

Event Organizer Finn Yoakum with his son

Nashville recording artist Chris Biano put on a wonderful Southeast Texas Christian concert for the Golden Triangle children and youth.

He has a wonderful voice, is an accomplished message, and has a great heart for sharing the gospel with the youth.

Chris Biano grew up in the Lumberton Christian community and makes himself available to share his gift with Southeast Texas Churches and Christians.

The evening was rounded out with a great Christian rap performance, a bounce house, and wonderful fellowship for young and old.

For the Jasper County Christian community, the Hardin County Christian Community, The Tyler County Christian community, and all else who attended this was a great night to let our children have fun and take a step forward in learning about Christ and how to apply his lessons in our own lives.

Whether you love Southeast Texas Christian concerts, basketball, humor, or just fellowship with other Southeast Texas Christians, the Wildwood School’s Out Bash had something for everyone.

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