Southeast Texas Orphan Run Raises over $2000 for Soul Winners India Orphanages

The second annual Southeast Texas Orphan Run benefitting the Soul Winners India Orphanages was a success.

Over $2000 was raised for the Indian orphanages.

Thank-you to all of the Southeast Texas Christians and Southeast Texas churches that participated in the 2013 Southeast Texas Orphan Run.

Your time, money, and prayers, will help make a difference in the Soul Winners India orphanages.

If you’d like information on how you can assist the Soul Winners India orphanages or help with next year’s Orphan Run, please contact:

Debra Loving

Phone: (409) 429-3552

Debra and Ronnie Loving are members of Good Samaritan Church in Fred Texas.

Orphans with 2012 Christmas Gifts

Orphans with 2012 Christmas Gifts


A big Thank-you to Debra and Ronnie Loving for spearheading the Southeast Texas orphan run for the second year. They have worked very hard to support the Soul Winners India orphans and orphanages.

They provide a wonderful example of how Southeast Texas Christians can make a real difference in the world outside the Piney Woods.


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