Southeast Texas Homeschool Resource: Just Another Day of Doing Your Own Thing

Southeast Texas Homeschool Resource: Just Another Day of Doing Your Own Thing by Debbie Slaughter.

Today was one of my favorite SETX homeschooling days.  The kind where the sun is shining and it’s a cool 80 degrees outside (hey, it’s Southeast Texas!  That’s cool for us!).

I didn’t expect much out of this day, just because my husband was working from home this morning and that always kind of throws off our schedule (ha! Who am I kidding with the schedule thing?).

But, I gave all the regular commands anyway and Collin and I proceeded with our morning routine:

“What do I need to do, Mom?” (No matter how many charts I make or lists or written schedules, etc., this child will still ask me what order to go in and what’s next!  He wants to make sure he gets everything just right, in the expected sequence).

Normally our Southeast Texas homeschool routine consists of Collin feeding the horses and the rabbit, then coming in and having breakfast, while I’m getting ready.   This morning went pretty much that way, but at one point, David, Collin and I all ended up in the bedroom, talking about the importance of Bible study.

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I gave my reasons for the way I handle my daily time with the Lord and David told us his.   Collin shared some lessons he learned in Youth Bible study last night at church and we all continued to talk about the Bible and prayer for a good half hour.     We talked about the highs and the lows of our spiritual condition and the way every Christian experiences low times or dry times.   Then we talked of how to come out of the lows and get close again…..(only one way… His word and spend time with God).      It was Bible and childsuch a sweet time of sharing with my son and when it was over and time to get on with the day, I can honestly say, we had “class”.    That’s what I love about this Southeast Texas homeschool thing!

The first subject Collin starts his day with is Math.   But, before he headed to his room to get busy with the numbers, he just had to talk to me again about a computer he is saving up for.    I’ve heard this story so many times!  But, today……I had an idea!  Why not change things up a bit and do some real-life math?

I gave him his assignment, which consisted of researching prices of all the components of his wanted computer.    After he had the total price, he had to make a graph, with increments of $10, to show how many $10 bills he needed to buy the computer.    He had to find graphics to go on his chart and create check off points to keep track of his money as he earned it.      This kept him busy for a while.

Later,  it was time for lunch and one of our favorite days of the week because we watch the X Factor, which we record on Wednesday nights.     This may seem trivial, but for a musical kid, it is actually a great motivator!

The X Factor is a singing competition, where people of all ages can audition to be on the show.   It’s a great way to critique technique, pitch, performance, and just discuss the overall idea of being on a stage in front of hundreds of people.

We often end up stopping the show mid way, at times,  and talking about what’s going right or wrong with each person’s audition.   Sometimes they’re too pitchy and sometimes they have a bad attitude.  These things all play a part in the success of their auditions and it’s great to be able to teach by example, to my young, aspiring, musician.

After lunch, Collin went to his room to continue working on other things, and I needed to get busy with some household duties, but just as I was about to get going, I noticed David on the front porch with his guitar.   I knew he was about to head into his office in town, so I decided to take a few minutes and sit and listen to him play a song or two.

As we were sitting on the porch, singing a few songs together, we could hear Collin in his room, teaching himself a new song on the guitar.

That feeling of happiness I get when I see my kids investing in themselves, will never go away!   As we sat and listened for just a minute, I felt so proud of Collin for his drive to learn and grow.   I’m pretty sure I’ll never get tired of watching my kids learn.   It gives me confidence that they are capable and that it doesn’t all rest on my shoulders!  Whew!

As David left for his office, he called out to Collin….“Don’t forget! When I get home I’m going to teach you how to give the horses their vaccinations!”   

And, the learning never stops!

From Student of the Bible to Consumer to Musician to Veterinarian – today’s learning may not have been conventional, but it was certainly educational!

I love this Southeast Texas homeschool life!

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A big Southeast Texas Church Guide thank-you to Debbie Slaughter for sharing today’s article “Southeast Texas Homeschool Resource: Just Another Day of Doing Your Own Thing”.

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Debbie is a wonderful example of how to grow a true Southeast Texas Christian community.

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