Southeast Texas Christian Children Inspire This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in Southeast Texas Children Inspire us All

For Southeast Texas Christians, praying with our children year round is wonderful.Southeast Texas Thanksgiving

Like working out or eating healthy, it can be easy to get off schedule. Maybe your child is self conscious about praying aloud. Perhaps your work schedule is so crazy that you fall asleep before finishing their bedtime story.

Thanksgiving is a great time for Southeast Texans to renew the habit of praying with our children.

For a parent, a child’s prayer is more than their communion with the Lord.

A child’s prayer also provides a window into their thoughts, hopes, fears, and perceptions of the world. My youngest is shy about praying in front of others, but when he does there is no telling what insights will be revealed. He thinks about events and people that I’d never guess were on his mind.

This year, renew your habit of praying with your child.

In addition for giving him the time in communion with God, you might be amazed at the opportunity prayer provides for you to see inside your child’s mind.

If nothing else, having our children pray aloud gives us one time to listen to them when our minds are truly quiet and focused on what they are saying, not preoccupied with our own responsibilities and challenges.

It is wonderful to have the opportunity to really “hear” our Children- the same is an issue for many Southeast Texas Christian adults with our own prayer. We can give thanks, appreciate and ask for blessings, pray for others, but we have trouble getting still and focused enough to tune God in and listen to his subtle answers.

The information can be enlightening, can be inspiring, and can be chastising.

Whatever you learn, it is sure to provide an opportunity to continue your growth as a wonderful Christian parent to an amazing Southeast Texas Christian Child.

Best wishes to you and your family during this Thanksgiving season.

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We hope you have enjoyed today’s feature Thanksgiving in Southeast Texas Children Inspire.

Do you have a favorite memory about children and Thanksgiving or children in prayer?

We’d love to here about it.

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Happy Thanksgiving Southeast Texas!


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