Depressed at Christmas? Rooted Therapy and Wellness in Beaumont

If you feel depressed during the holidays, help is available for moms in Southeast Texas.

Beaumont Occupational Therapist Amanda Adams specializes in using God focused natural healing techniques to help women de-stress, heal from trauma or PTSD, find balance in life, and lead healthier lives.

Christmas is a time for giving, but sometimes what your family really needs is for mom to give herself the time and tools to heal and recharge her batteries.

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Find out more on the Rooted Therapy and Wellness Beaumont Web Page.

It is okay to be stressed. It is alright to admit when you’re sad or depressed.Christmas stress Beaumont TX, holiday stress Southeast Texas, holiday healing Golden Triangle TX, healing from holiday stress SETX,

It is even better to get the mental, physical, and emotional help and healing you deserve.

Are you ready to schedule your complimentary consultation with Amanda? Click here.

The holidays have always been stressful for women. Fortunately, today, help is available, right here in Southeast Texas.

Don’t try to fight depression alone. Start your healing journey with Rooted Therapy and wellness today.

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