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Make Meaningful New Year’s Resolutions 

Happy New Year Southeast Texas!

For Southeast Texas Christians, another year is already fading away. Christmas is just behind us. Thanksgiving is long gone. July 4th? Easter? Whew! Who can remember that far back?

The coming year will pass for the Southeast Texas Church community  just as quickly.

You have probably come up with some wonderful New Year’s resolutions this year – hopefully you’ll do better than most of us at achieving them!

It’s not too late to add some really meaningful resolutions for the coming year.

Here are a few of the things that top Southeast Texas Christian New Year’s Resolution lists this year- feel free to add any that are appealing to your list as well.

New Year's Resolutions Christian

  • Losing weight. Cliche? Absolutely. Losing weight is the most common New Year’s resolution – and failure. But losing weight is about more than appearance. Losing weight adds years to your life. Whatever you gave your family for Christmas this year, you can be sure that they’d really love a few more years of your smile, your love, and your influence on their lives. Losing weight is hard. Brutal for some of us. However, the payoffs can be huge. Having trouble? Consult your physician. If he/she knows you are serious this year, your doctor will help you find a program that works.Happy New Year
  • Tell your child you love them. Many parents tell their children they love them every day – that is wonderful. There are still some children (including MANY grown children) who have never heard the words. It is never to late to say, “I love you. I know you know, but I’ve been wanting to say it out loud.” It doesn’t have to be a big production, but those three words will make an impact, especially if they are unexpected. I remember my dad trying to say it for the first time when I left for college – it was awkward, but memorable.
  • Take a trip. Southeast Texans are workaholics. Many accumulate vacation days they never use and some work hundreds of hours each year in over time (yes, some of you work over 1,000 hours of overtime). There is a big world out there – a world God made for you. Get out and see some of it. Cruises start around $150 and leave from Galveston and Houston. Round Trip air fare can be under $200. Gas is cheaper than it has been in ten years – perfect for Southeast Texas family road trips. See a family member, a dream destination, or take a mission trip. Whatever you choose, travel can open you up to more of God’s wonders- and God’s plan for you. 
  • Find a way to share your story. Most Southeast Texas Christians aren’t called to the pulpit. Many of us aren’t called to foreign missions. All of us, however, all called in some way to share our story as Christians and to be an influence in others accepting Christ as their savior. Here are a few things the shyest of us can do to be an example:
  1. Pray at restaurants. If you already pray before meals at homes, this can become an easy way to demonstrate your faith. After the first couple of Praying Southeast Texas, Praying SETX, Praying Golden Triangle, Praying in restaurants Beaumont TX, praying in restaurants East Texas, praying in restaurants Golden Triangle TXtimes, the self consciousness quickly fades. By yourself or with family, it is a nice way to share your beliefs.
  2. Christian clothing. Christian clothing is ubiquitous in Southeast Texas. There’s absolutely no reason to feel self conscious about wearing  Christian themed clothing anywhere in Southeast Texas – and it is available everywhere from major department stores through just about every boutique in the Golden Triangle.
  3. Start a Southeast Texas Bible Study. Most of us have five people we’d love to take the time to have coffee with. For most of us, three of those people (sometimes including ourselves) won’t be members of a particular Southeast Texas church. Invite them to a simple Bible study over coffee. The effort is minimal. The impact can be huge. The fact that these people are already friends, not strangers, can make it much easier to open up and talk about your faith.
  4. Take a child to visit your Southeast Texas church. You probably have a great neighbor who doesn’t have time and interest in church, but their child plays with your child every day. Invite the child to visit your Southeast Texas church (with their parent’s blessing). It will be fun for them and your child. Most of the studies show getting the father in church is the most important step, but any parent will tell you that if a child is interested in church it makes regular attendance easier for the whole family.


Happy New Year Southeast Texas – make this one to remember!
New Year's Southeast Texas Christians

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