Southeast Texas Quilting Fellowship Thursdays at First Baptist Church Silsbee

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Quilting Thursdays at First Baptist Church Silsbee

Today we shine our Southeast Texas Women’s Ministry Spotlight on Silsbee.women's ministry Southeast Texas

Are you looking for a fun Southeast Texas quilting fellowship opportunity?

First Baptist Church Silsbee’s quilting fellowship is part of their active Silsbee women’s ministry.

Southeast Texas quilters converge on First Baptist Silsbee each Thursday for:

  • Fellowship
  • Fun
  • Friendship

For many Southeast Texas Christian women, quilting is part of their heritage.

If your grandmother or mother quilted and you didn’t have time when you were raising kids or working, it isn’t too late.

The ladies of the First Baptist Church Silsbee quilting fellowship will be happy to share their years of experience with Southeast Texas quilting novices.

Quilting Southeast Texas Christian Women's fellowship 2

Join Southeast Texas quilters  Thursdays each week from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM at First Baptist Church Silsbee.

If you’ve been looking for a Southeast Texas quilting fellowship opportunity, we hope this will be just right for you.

A big Southeast Texas Church Guide thank-you to the congregation of First Baptist Church Silsbee for hosting such an active Southeast Texas women’s ministry.

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