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Field Trip to the Giving Tree

Are you looking for a meaningful Southeast Texas home school field trip idea? Something that will educate as well as entertain?

Southeast Texas homeschool groups work hard to find meaningful field trip opportunities for their children.

The Giving Field has become very popular with SETX homeschool groups – and Southeast Texas Christian schools for educational and entertaining field trips.

The Giving Field Beaumont urban garden supports Southeast Texas Soup Kitchens.

The Beaumont community garden is located on property owned by St. Anne’s Catholic Church, a short walk from St. Anne’s Catholic School.

This wonderful Beaumont garden provides year round support for our Southeast Texas Soup Kitchens:

  • The Hospitality Center Port Arthur
  • Some Other Place Beaumont
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The Giving Field Provides FRESH produce to SETX Soup Kitchens

The Giving Field Beaumont provides sustainable food production and helps reduce the amount of processed foods needed by Golden Triangle food kitchens (The Giving Field has also provided a significant monetary impact on Southeast Texas Soup Kitchens).

The Giving Field in Beaumont is supported and worked by a network of volunteers including Southeast Texas private school and homeschool children (St. Anne’s Catholic School students are regular volunteers).

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Today’s article on Beaumont urban garden The Giving Field is sponsored by Southeast Texas Christian business, the Southeast Texas Family Magazine.

The Southeast Texas Family Magazine– a wonderful way to get your message to moms and women.

All Southeast Texas Family Magazine articles feature local events, businesses, and entertainment opportunities for Southeast Texas kids, women, and families.

One of the popular features is a monthly Southeast Texas calendar, exclusively highlighting events for Southeast Christian Owned Business guide Beaumont TxTexas women and families.

Southeast Texas Family Magazine owners Daryl Fant and Jessica Fant started the magazine after years spent assisting clients of The Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel, Animal Planet, and Clear Channel Radio.

They love the publication for the opportunity to watch their local Southeast Texas advertisers grow- and to give them a flexible schedule that allows them to homeschool their two boys.

Jessica and their children, along with their SETX homeschool group, recently participated in a field trip to The Giving Field in Beaumont.

The Southeast Texas homeschool kids had an opportunity to harvest vegetables that were sent to Some Other Place in Beaumont and The Hospitality Center in Port Arthur.

The experience made a wonderful impact on all of the kids in their SETX homeschool group, and the Fants were moved to sponsor this article on The Giving Field.

Southeast Texas Christian businesses support local churches and charities, and you know they are fully invested in watching your business grow – your long term success creates their long term success.

The Southeast Texas Family Magazine can help you:

homeschool field trip Beaumont Tx

Logan Fant and SETX homeschoolers harvest The Giving Field

  • Attract women to boutiques, hair salons, day spas, and restaurants
  • Promote Southeast Texas festivals, galas, fundraisers, and children’s events
  • Advertise children’s boutiques, resale stores, and kid friendly restaurants
  • Educate women about summer camps, music lessons, art lessons, and kids’ activities
  • Fill their schedules for kids birthday parties

Does advertising in the Southeast Texas Family Magazine work?

Advertisers are impressed with the results:

If you are looking for an AWESOME place to advertise your business where the staff is super friendly and makes everything a snap – be sure to check out The Southeast Texas Family Magazine. I truly feel like this is where I get the biggest bang for my buck!” – Tammy Littlefield 

For Southeast Texas churches, the Southeast Texas Family Magazine is a great resource for:

  • Attracting families to make a first visit to your Southeast Texas church
  • Promoting your church holiday worship times
  • Ensuring a great turnout for your Southeast Texas church’s special events – for all the time and hard work your congregation put into each event, it is wonderful to be able to deliver a nice crowd – and to give those first time church visitors an opportunity to get a feel for your church and congregation.
  • Promoting your SETX Vacation Bible School. Last year, dozens of Southeast Texas churches received significant boosts to their VBS attendance through ads in the Southeast Texas Kids Directory Magazine.
  • Promote your Southeast Texas children’s ministry and women’s ministries to Southeast Texas families: Christian counseling, marriage ministry, divorce recovery ministries.

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The Southeast Texas Family Magazine is a wonderful locally owned tool for Southeast Texas moms.

If your business would like to market to Southeast Texas moms, the publication is a wonderful value – ads begin at just $200/month.

If your Southeast Texas church is looking to achieve sustained growth, an annual campaign in the Southeast Texas Family Magazine is an ideal for tool telling your story to Southeast Texas families.

Whether you’re growing a business – or your Southeast Texas church- call or e-mail to find out how the Southeast Texas Kids Directory can help: 

Daryl Fant: (512)567-8068


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We hope today’s Southeast Texas home school field trip idea is one that you can use.

If you’re looking for more Southeast Texas homeschool help, ideas, and inspiration stay tuned to SETX Church Guide.

We cover homeschool in Southeast Texas each month from sharing tips from other moms to providing ideas on customizing curriculum.

SETX Church Guide is your Southeast Texas Christian family magazine online, 365 days a year.

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