Southeast Texas Churches and Halloween

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Ignore Halloween?

Southeast Texas Churches and Halloween

Southeast Texas Churches and Christian families have long struggled with the issue of Halloween.

Do we close the shutters on our SETX churches and pretend the season doesn’t exist? If we ignore them, does that  mean millions of American Children and adolescents aren’t dressing up like pirates and princesses and looking forward to one evening during the year when they can enjoy role playing?

Do we have a Fall Fest or Fall Bazaar and downplay any relation to Halloween?

Do we walk the middle ground and invite kids to dress up and come to the church for Fall Fest or Southeast Texas Trunk or Treat event?

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Fall Bazaar?

Understandably, different Southeast Texas churches and denominations are going to have different comfort zones.

Each church is going to have to find the option that works best for its congregation and leadership.

When finding that comfort zone for your Southeast Texas church for Halloween, keep two basic facts in mind:

  1. Tens of thousands of Southeast Texas kids are looking forward to “Halloween” by any name. They want to dress up. They want to get candy. They want to have one night when they get to play later than normal with their friends.

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    Fall Festival?

  2. Those tens of thousands of eager children all have parents who want to make their kids happy while keeping them SAFE.

Halloween in Southeast Texas is one of the nights each year when families are open to visiting a new Southeast Texas church (or a church period) if it provides them a safe environment in which to keep their children happy.

If your Southeast Texas church can do it without causing terrible friction within the congregation consider offering something safe and fun that families can bring their children to.

  • A Southeast Texas Fall Carnival/Festival can be a great option. First, it can be set up to give the families a whole evening with your church and congregation. Playing the games and doing the activities the church can get a feel for the hearts of your congregation. Second, a top Fall Festival can give the parents who are inclined to an excuse to skip the trick or treating and less faith based Halloween parties. Third, if the children have a positive impression of the church and are eager (or even open) to returning on a Wednesday or Thursday, you’re more likely to see the family again. And again.

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    Fall Carnival?

  • Kids Like SETX Trunk or Treat events – and parents do too . The focus of Trunk or Treat is to get the candy into the kids’ Halloween bags. The downside is that unless you have a pretty big church with high participation the kids can go through very quickly and be back on their way to some of the potentially less safe or savory Halloween activities.
  • Southeast Texas Family Movie Night. This one is nice for Southeast Texas churches that don’t want to have anything to do with Halloween. Just have a family movie night with popcorn and drinks. You can show the “Smurfs” or “The Incredibles” and completely ignore Halloween or pick something seasonal and safe like “Casper”.

Not every issue faced by Southeast Texas churches has an easy answer. Maybe it is right for your Southeast Texas Church to ignore Halloween.

Always be true to your beliefs and those of your congregation.

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Channel creativity to Christ

If any of these Halloween ideas work for your Southeast Texas church or if you can come up with a unique idea that is right for your church, it can be a real community service to keep our Southeast Texas kids safe and happy on this divisive holiday.

The children are not only the future of the nation. They are also the future of the Church.

The more kids like your church today, the more likely they are to lead your church tomorrow.

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What is the right fit for your church?


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