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On today’s Southeast Texas Christian News, we look at an easy way SETX Christians and churches can aid those in the armed forces – by donating “Military Bible Sticks“.

The Military Bible Stick is essentially a dedicated MP3 player, like having an I-pod that exclusively plays the Bible. Military Bible Stick Close Up

Our armed forces are made up of men and women who were raised in the church, those who considered themselves Christians but who were unchurched and untaught, those who once considered themselves agnostic or atheist but whose experiences in the military have led to their conversions or at least second thoughts, and those of other religions who are interested in learning more about Christianity and the Bible.

Imagine all of the men and women our Southeast Texas church families have sent to the military.

Our pews contain parents, spouses, siblings, and children of members of each and every one of the armed forces. You know these kids. You know which ones were saved during a Southeast Texas VBS or church camp, which attended church with their parents but who never really engaged, and which ones avoided church whenever possible. Nothing forces a person to grow up faster than military life. After a year, many of these young men and women will have grown and evolved until you’d hardly recognize them. These are young men and women we’d all like to provide a Bible they can actually use.

The Military Bible Stick was designed specifically for the military. It is made of on reflective material. It does not include any lights. Both make it something that can be used by our servicemen and women at night without worrying about increasing their visibility to hostile forces.

If you, your church, or your VFW post would like to get involved, you can get Military Bible Stick donation information online.

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s edition of Southeast Texas Christian News.

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SetxChurchGuide: Is your Southeast Texas Church also involved in donating Military Bible Sticks? Are you a returning serviceman (or the spouse or child of a serviceman) who received a Military Bible Stick? We’d be happy to share your story with other Southeast Texas Christians. Just e-mail the information to .

Does your Southeast Texas church have another outreach program for our service men and women or their families? Those are the kinds of stories we enjoy sharing on

Send us the information and we’ll share it on the website.

Thank-you to Brother Jimmy Linn of Wildwood Baptist Church for following his heart and shepherding this project in the Wildwood Village Mills area and for all of those who have been assisting the project.

Thank-you to all of the Southeast Texas Christians who have found ways to do something special for our service men and women – or their families.

Thank-you to all of our service men and women for all of their sacrifices. We look forward to welcome you back to Southeast Texas.




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