Some Other Place Beaumont Receives Support From The Giving Field

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The Giving Field in Beaumont Supports Some Other Place

Are you looking for a meaningful SETX homeschool field trip idea? Consider making a trip to The Giving Field in Beaumont.

Some Other Place in Beaumont is a blessing to the Southeast Texas community.

One of the many blessings they bestow on Southeast Texans most in need is a wonderful Beaumont soup kitchen.

As you might imagine, the recession has had an impact on Some Other Place, just as it has most Southeast Texas non-profit organizations.

Some Other Place has received consistant support from The Giving Field in Beaumont.

The Giving Field is a Beaumont urban garden located on property of St. Anne’s Catholic Church, a short walk from St. Anne’s Catholic School.

SETX homeschool field trip suggestion

Produce from The Giving Field goes directly to Some Other Place

The Giving Field raises fresh produce year round – and has a chicken coop so they are also able to provide Some Other Place with fresh eggs.

Like Some Other Place, The Giving Field is primarily run by volunteers including Southeast Texas Christian School and homeschool students.

Produce and eggs from The Giving Field have been wonderful for Some Other Place:

  • The fresh produce reduces the amount of processed food Some Other Place needs to feed those in need.
  • Often, the fresh produce donated by The Giving Field is the only fresh produce patrons receive that day.
  • The eggs and produce have helped Some Other Place really stretch their budget during the recession.

SETX homeschool field trip suggestion

A big SETX Church Guide thank-you to all of the volunteers who donated their time and energy to The Giving Field – and to Some Other Place.

Each is a wonderful illustration of what can be accomplished when the Southeast Texas Christian community is working together.

SETX homeless ministry

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We hope you have enjoyed today’s  SETX homeschool field trip idea. 

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