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The Best Laid Plans

This weekend my wife and I wanted to visit a favorite Southeast Texas church.

Not our home church, but a really wonderful Southeast Texas church we like to check in on several times a year. With two young kids it is an adventure visiting a great Southeast Texas church even 30-45 minutes away.

Since it is a longer drive, we woke up a little earlier on Sunday and sped through our morning routines a little more quickly than normal.

Our youngest is going through an independent phase so I hovered around the kitchen in the background while he cooked his breakfast to answer any questions and keep the kitchen from burning down.

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About the time he was sliding his egg onto a plate, our oldest came in and announced he was sick.

As he trotted off to bed, my wife’s phone beeped announcing a text message, which turned out to be a friend letting us know everyone from Friday’s sleepover had caught some kind of virus.

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This wouldn’t be the day for a long church visitation road trip.

My wife and I quickly worked to come up with a “Plan B”.

We visited the church’s website and listened to the service on-line.

To be honest, it wasn’t perfect. The sound wasn’t as rich and the message paused a number of times, tiny delays somewhere in the digital process.

However, it was nice to not be “locked out of church” on a Sunday when our expectations and intentions were high.

We didn’t get the full experience, but we did get to remotely visit the church we’d hoped to attend.

Four hours later, our oldest walked out of his room and after a cup of cocoa and some lunch had been restored to health.

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Not every Sunday will go exactly as planned.

Occasionally, despite your best intentions, you won’t be able to make it to your Southeast Texas Church, but it is great that technology does offer some attractive “Plan B” options for Southeast Texas Christians.

Thank-you to all the SETX Church staff and volunteers who make online and multimedia church services available.

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We hope you have enjoyed today’s feature SETX Christian Inspiration – The Best Laid Plans.

Stay tuned for more.

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