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Today on Southeast Texas Men’s Ministry blog Modern Day Dad, we look at the skill of making time.

One of the greatest gifts of Southeast Texas men is the ability to work hard.

One of the greatest weaknesses of Southeast Texas dads is the ingrained belief that working hard is more important than carving out time to be a father (or husband for that matter).

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Try an exercise. Write down the three activities you most enjoy doing with your child. It doesn’t matter what it is:

  • Making s’mores in the backyard
  • Playing catch
  • Kicking back and teaching them how to excel at Mario Brothers
  • Family game night: Monopoly, Spades, or Risk
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Grilling a shared favorite recipe
  • Working on a classic car you plan to pass down to them

Now, next to each item you listed write down the last time you did the activity with your child. If each of them was in the last 10-15 days, you’re doing pretty well – better than most of us.

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If you think in your mind, “My child and I love to fish together” and it has been three months since you picked up a rod together it may be time to revisit your life balance.

Is work getting more and more of your time?

I urge you to find the balance that allows you to excel both at work and in the home.

Tonight is it time to dust off the Monopoly board, your dad’s old tackle box, or to whittle a new marshmallow toasting stick?

Our dad’s did the best they could, but we are Modern Day Dads.

We have more tools than any generation before us to excel at raising children.

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Are you searching for help in how to prioritize and find life balance? Look for a Men’s Fraternity “Quest for Authentic Manhood” class in your area. Many Southeast Texas churches run 2-3 sessions each year including First Baptist Church in Spurger and First Baptist Church Silsbee. They help you take stock of your life and to find balance.

Our jobs will still be there long after our children have taken their own place in the wide world.

ENJOY your children – it will mean a lot to them and to you.

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We hope you have enjoyed today’s Southeast Texas Dad’s Ministry blog.

We’re all Modern Day Dads – let’s help each other figure it out.

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