Leftovers from your Southeast Texas Thanksgiving?

Putting SETX Thanksgiving Leftovers to Good Use

Another Southeast Texas Thanksgiving is coming to a close – fellowship, fun, family – and FOOD.

Whew! That was a lot of food.

Ummm… Looking around the kitchen, it’s STILL a lot of food.

All of it still perfectly good and delicious, but more than I want to store and eat by myself for the next week. Or two.

What can Southeast Texas Christans do to be good stewards of all of this leftover Thanksgiving food?

Post Thanksgiving Pot Luck. You have friends who are in the same boat you are. Lots of leftovers they don’t want to store or eat all by themselves. And you’re off of work for a couple of more days. Call, e-mail, text, and Facebook and put together a post Thanksgiving potluck. At the end of the meal, if there is any food left you can “swap” leftovers so that you can enjoy different dishes rather than the same ones you made for your own Thanksgiving. After all, in Southeast Texas Thanksgiving is all about fellowship and friendship.

Share your bounty. There are people in our communities who didn’t have a wonderful meal yesterday. Your pastor or your kids’ teachers can almost certainly recommend a few families who would appreciate a thoughtfully prepped post-Thanksgiving bounty. Neatly packaging leftovers in tupperware or aluminum pans can make it attractive, appearing fresh and new.Thanksgiving Southeast Texas Christian Community

Cater the game. There are lots of big games this weekend. Invite friends or family to watch the game and eat all of your leftovers. Many will be more than happy to contribute some SETX Thanksgiving leftovers of their own. Not into football? How about a night of dominoes or an impromptu Bible study?

There are lots of Southeast Texas senior citizens who are just plain tired of cooking. They’d love someone to make a couple of plates and drop them by. Not charity per se, just being neighborly. Everyone loves to try something different, and many seniors will appreciate a break from cooking for themselves.

Similarly, there are lots of divorced adults all across Southeast Texas. Many of them aren’t too excited about “cooking for one”. They’d also appreciate a plated meal- or a shared one – if you’d like to invite them over for leftovers and conversation.

Happy Holidays Southeast Texas- and God Bless.


Thanksgiving Beaumont Tx


We hope you had a blessed Southeast Texas Thanksgiving.

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