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How many times does someone drive past your SETX church before making a visit?

What do they see?

People are more likely to visit a church that gives them a feeling of welcome.

Each of our churches has dedicated members who drove past our campus dozens, even hundreds, of times before making their first visit. What could we have done to bring them into the fold earlier? To make them want to make their first visit weeks – or years- earlier?

Often, your SETX church landscaping is a part of whether or not they feel welcomed, encouraged, invited.

Church Landscaping Bridge City Tx

Golden Triangle church landscapes face huge, almost Biblical, challenges:

  • Months of extreme heat and sunlight
  • Months of dull gray cold
  • Long periods of drought
  • Long periods of almost constant rain

Often, the challenges are more than the most well meaning volunteers are trained to handle.

US Lawns Commercial Landscaping Beaumont Tx

A professional landscaper like US Lawns can give your Southeast Texas church curb appeal that welcomes visitors.

Your SETX church has a lot to offer potential visitors- make sure people are comfortable making that first visit to find out what you’re all about.

Is it time to bring in a professional commercial landscaper for your SETX church?

US Lawns Commercial Lawn Service Southeast Texas

US Lawns would love to make your Golden Triangle church beautiful – 52 Sundays a year.


Church Landscaping Vidor

We hope you have enjoyed today’s feature article, SETX Landscaping Companies – US Lawns of Beaumont, serving the Southeast Texas church community.

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