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Southeast Texas Christians are committed to marriage, but face the same relationship challenges that plague our nation. Divorce and separation remains an issue that affects the couple, their immediate and extended families, and even their Southeast Texas church community.

Accordingly, many Southeast Texas Churches have implemented programs to strengthen marriages. One is Antioch Baptist Church Beaumont. They have an active marriage ministry that meets weekly.

Antioch Baptist Church Marriage Ministry Beaumont Tx

The Antioch Baptist Beaumont marriage ministry is designed to bring both married couples and couples planning a marriage closer to each other – and closer to God. This Southeast Texas marriage ministry program uses the applied Word of God to strengthen marriages (Be ye doers of the Word; James 1:22a).

This Beaumont marriage ministry is based on Biblical teaching, examples, and implementation. Interactive sessions areheld each Sunday Morning during the Sunday School hour.

Many Southeast Texas Christians will find the “Let’s Apply What We’ve Learned” summary segment and the monthly themes helpful in getting and remaining fully engaged in working on their marriages.

The following monthly areas of concentration have been designed by the Antioch Baptist Church Beaumont marriage ministry team to assist couples in strengthening their marriages: surveys, class discussions, class observations, and the emphasis on the monthly theme.

If you live in or near Beaumont and are looking for a Christian Based marriage support program, Antioch’s program might be a great fit. A healthy marriages makes all involved happier and can ease all of your relationships – family, professional, and church.

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For more information, contact Antioch Baptist Church Beaumont directly.

Antioch Baptist Church Beaumont Phone: (409) 842-3246

Antioch Baptist Church Beaumont Address: 3920 W. Cardinal Dr. in Beaumont

Antioch Baptist Church Beaumont Website

Antioch Baptist Church Beaumont Marriage Ministry meeting time: 9:45 on Sundays.

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Marriage Ministry Beaumont Tx

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Marriage Ministry Beaumont Tx




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