World’s First Faith Based Weight Loss Camp to Open in Texas in 2013

girlsOpening Summer 2013, Renew Camps will be the first Christian summer weight loss camp. Renew Camps is pairing a proven fitness and weight loss approach with a community based on Christian values and staff. Renew weight loss camps will minister to our summer campers and their families on their journey to health.

Renew is for kids, teenagers, and young adults, boys and girls alike, ages 10 to 20 years old. With length of stay options from 2 to 8 weeks, campers will learn about nutrition, have hands-on cooking classes, work on skills development in a variety of activities, meet with health coaches to build motivation and self-confidence, participate in fun summer camp activities, all in a Christian summer camp community.

“I grew up going to camp every summer and have worked with kids on their physical, mental, and spiritual health for decades” says Jeremy Whitworth, Renew Camps & Ministry owner, ”We believe there is an opportunity to improve the health of our campers and families while providing a faith-based experience.”

Jeremy and his wife Caitlin are both the owners and directors of Renew Camps. Jeremy spent a number of years running weight loss camp for youth all over the country including Canada. He also grew up the son of a pastor and has more than twenty-five years of summer camp experience. He and Caitlin also own a rock climbing gym and have both spent careers working with youth, predominantly in the health field.

“My personal and professional experience shows weight is often times a symptom of other things. Traditional weight loss camps weren’t addressing the spiritual component, which I found crucial coming from a background of faith,” explains Whitworth, ”We are excited to create Renew as a family owned camp, geared for classic summer camp fun, with a focus to helping kids get healthy with a Christian perspective.”

Renew has partnered with BalanceME weight loss camps and will use BalanceME’s ME Plan approach to health. This ME Plan is designed to help campers gain Motivation and Education on what works for lasting fitness and weight loss success. Last year campers averaged more than 4 lbs of weight loss per week and showed marked physical improvements, fitness gains, and changes in self-confidence.

“Losing weight and getting healthy is a lifelong challenge for many people,” commented Caitlin “Being able to teach our campers tangible healthy living skills and how to access their faith and a Christian community for support and strength helps make success possible.”

Renew Christian weight loss and health camps serve youth and young adults that are not only overweight, but also seeking health beyond the number on the scale. Using the BalanceME Health Score, Renew Camps will approach health using a variety of metrics including cardiovascular fitness, strength, blood work, body mass index (BMI) and more.

Families interested in enrolling their child at Renew Camps can contact Jeremy Whitworth at (866) 801-4387 or visit website,, for more information.