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This last month as been quite a journey for my family. We have shed tears, become angry, repentant, loving and healed. I know that we are still being healed.

Just a few weeks ago, my world as a mom was rocked quite a bit by news from my daughter. My beautiful daughter who Heaven's Viewloves the LORD so much was broken. Her heart was broken over something and I immediately remembered that same feeling of heartbreak. At that moment, God reminded me what He had done for me during my own time of heartbreak. He held me close, even when I just wanted to shut down, run, give up, and almost make the most tragic mistake of my life. Something I would have carried for years. PRAISE GOD for His intervention. His direct intervention in my life literally saved a life that day.

So, as I let all of this soak in, I still have those tearful moments that a mother’s heart will have, but it is followed by moments of joy and excitement over the new joy that is coming.

No matter what comes our way, we are held by a mighty hand that will not let me or my children go. NEVER…HE PROMISED!! That alone makes my heart overflow with hope. We belong to Him…because of Christ, we are overcomers!

Kay Arthur said something that really touched my heart….she said “there is always light that follows darkness, there is always day that follows night”. So, even in this difficult, crazy time, His grace will be sufficient for us because we are clinging to the hope of our calling as a children of the LIGHT. Nothing else can hold me, or my beautiful child. Nothing, not even a situation or circumstance, can change who we are in our precious Jesus!!

His Grace holds us! Thank-you Jo for sharing this message of heartbreak, healing, and faith. For those of you who can’t wait until the next time Jo Moody is back as a guest blogger, visit her blog for more information.

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