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Today’s Beaumont Women’s Ministry Spotlight is shining on a local Christian blog, “A Million Skies”.

Published by Debbie Slaughter, “A Million Skies” offers insight and inspiration to Southeast Texas Christian women.

She covers a wide range of topics of interest to SETX Christian women from homeschooling to good stewardship.

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Discover her wonderful blog for yourself today:

Have you been waiting on the Lord for something specific?

Debbie Slaughter blue sky Do you feel like He’s holding out on you?
You are right……He is holding back!

He’s holding back that big thing you’re waiting on, until He knows you’re mature enough to handle all that comes with it.

Plus, He doesn’t want you to doubt. He wants you to trust, no matter how long it takes.

James 1: 4 says,
“Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

And in James 1:6,
But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt,because he who doubts is likwomen's ministry photoe a wave of the sea,blown and tossed by the wind.”

Sometimes we want something, but we are not ready for it. We may be too immature, too young, too naive, too prideful, too selfish, or too inexperienced to handle it. We may have things in our life that need to be weeded out.

But God, in his infinite wisdom, knows exactly what we need, in order to handle what He longs to give us. And His timing is different for everyone.

Sometimes God will supply “on the job training” and work out your deficiencies as you go. This means you will endure some things called “lessons” and will most likely wonder if you’re going in the right direction and why you’re having to go through certain things to get there. These lessons can be tough to go through, but in the end, you will look back and see why you had to stumble a few times.

But other times, God will call you to simply wait on Him. This is almost harder than walking and stumbling, because it can seem ministry photo2inactive. Who wants to be inactive when you’re waiting on something? It’s extremely hard to wait! Patience is not easy! But, God is doing something in you and He wants you to be ready for what He’s about to give you. It requires great faith. He’s building character in you. He’s teaching you to trust Him. He’s increasing your faith. And it hurts because God can appear to be silent in the waiting room.

Either way – you will get to the place where God wants you, if you stick close to Him.

Whether He’s called you to wait or called you to go, He is working in your life.

Life is about the journey – walking with the Lord. It’s not about just getting from Point A to Point B. It’s about walking with Him in between and during, that builds us up and prepares us for our destination.

So, if you’re on your journey right now, waiting for that big revelation from God, just slow down and really see what He’s doing in you.

What’s He teaching you? What’s He purging from you? What’s He asking of you?

It all has a purpose.

I pray you will be richly blessed for waiting on the Lord. I pray He will reward your faithfulness.

Have a blessed Day!


Guest Blog

(SetxChurchGuide) Whew! Once again guest blogger Debbie Slaughter digs deep for a message that can resonate with all Southeast Texas Christians, particularly today. How many opportunities has God put in front of us that we didn’t see because we were focused on earthly things we thought we needed or we thought he should provide? Believe it or not, Debbie has dozens and dozens of wonderful messages for Southeast Texas Christians. She has a particular focus on Texas home schooling and issues of interest to Southeast Texas christian mothers and women. Check out more from Debbie slaughter on her blog.

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