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On today’s Beaumont Women’s Ministry Spotlight, we feature a highlight from the SETX Christian blog “A Million Skies” by Debbie Slaughter.

Debbie offers a special Southeast Texas Christian ministry providing real life insight and inspiration on a wide range of topics including motherhood, homeschooling, good stewardship, and the challenges of living a Christian life in the modern world.

These are the topics Southeast Texas Christian women can identify with!

Experience her blog “A Million Skies” for yourself today!

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I have a confession to make…….

I turn into a crazy person when company comes!  (Do people even say “company” anymore?)

Well, anyway……

I become a tyrant, demanding, drill sergeant, nag, and an all around pain to my family, (they will confirm) when I know someone is coming for a visit.

Hospitality is not my natural gifting.   In fact, it usually gives me indigestion, but it’s gotta be done if you want to have friends.

So, today I’ll be waking the sweet (gigantic) teens up from their stayed-up-too-late slumber and putting them to work.   (I just realized I called my 20 year old a teen.  Can’t get through my head or my heart, yet.)

There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, I’m sure!

But, it’s important!   My aunt is coming and she’s bringing her awesome husband and I want them to feel cozy and comfortable and stay awhile.   Well, they’re only staying two days, but still……

Such a long list of last minute preparations: cleaning, cooking, making sure there are no critters living under the couch, which will be where they sleep for two days.    I mean, where they’re coming from – which is the Texas Hill Country – they greet us with scorpions and rattle snakes – but still.   It’s the right thing to do – the checking under the couch.    (I’ll get one of the boys to do it.)

But, at least I finally got all the pictures back on the walls, after painting…..A MONTH AGO!

Hey! I’m not fast, but I am efficient!

So, since I’ll probably be busy having so much fun the next few days, I thought I’d go ahead and share the pictures of my livingroom and diningroom, with all the decor back in place.   Here ya go:

Debbie Slaughter christian blogger Southeast Texas Christian blog

 This is the livingroom wall, where I put
the antique headboard.
Oh, the crazy things we do!
Believe it or not,
almost every one of the items
hanging there, has significance,
as in…given by a friend or belonged to someone special.
Debbie Slaughter Christian Blogger Debbie Slaughter Southeast Texas Christian Blog
There are some important pieces here too,
such as the scripture at the top,
which we bought from Debbie and Michael W. Smith
when we were in Franklin.   Their daughter Whitney painted it,
and I loved the verse she chose.
The two pictures that are black and white
are special because Ted bought them for David and I
for Christmas.
The artist customized them with special details, unique to our family.
For instance, the windmill has our last name written on it.
Each one of these (he bought us 5 altogether)
has 10-15 hidden objects or words, even scripture,
mixed into the picture.
Needless to say, they are very special.
Debbie Slaughter Christian blogger Debbie Slaughter Southeast Texas Christian blogger
On the opposite wall of the dining room…..
 are my two school bookcases and
a few of our guitars.
The one on the right was David’s grandfather’s.
We finally had it restrung and it’s one of the best sounding guitars
we have.
I bought the stool for David not too long ago.
The Texaco company is where his dad worked for many years.
If you look closely, you will see a sign from the Grand Ole Opry,
and a misspelled word in the verse I wrote on the board.
Yeah, I’m pointing it out, so you won’t think I can’t spell.
It’s been corrected now, but I was too lazy to take another picture 🙂

And there it is…..the grand tour of two rooms.

Now, I’m off to throw on some makeup and start shouting out orders to the boys while we wait on my aunt to get here.

It’s gonna be a great day!

Hope you have one too!

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