Wildwood United Methodist Church Hosts The Blackwood Quartet Jan 4th


This Sunday Wildwood United Methodist Church (Village Mills United Methodist Church) will bring the Blackwood Quartet to sing in the New Year.

If you’ve been looking forward to some great live gospel music right here in Southeast Texas, the Blackwood Quartet is sure to deliver.

Wildwood United Methodist Church is located on the access road to Wildwood Resort City, on the left hand side before you reach the Wildwood security gate.

If you’re looking for great live gospel music in the Big Thicket this weekend, enjoy the Blackwood Quartet presented by Wildwood United Methodist Church.

Blackwood Quartet 2


Note: Wildwood United Methodist Church is also known as Village Mills United Methodist Church

Address: 5943 FM-3063 & Wildwood Dr. Village Mills, TX 77663-0332

Phone:   (409) 834-2234

Email: wvmumc@sbcglobal.net

Website: www.gbgm-umc.org/wvmumc

This Southeast Texas Christian Concert will be a real treat for Southeast Texas gospel music fans.

Thank-you to Wildwood United Methodist Church (Village Mills United Methodist Church) for bringing the Blackwood Quartet to the Big Thicket.

Christian Owned Business


This Southeast Texas Christian concert posting is sponsored by our Southeast Texas Christians business of the week, Sheffield Aerobic and Septic.

Southeast Texas is blessed with a large number of Christian owned businesses from feed stores to sign companies.

Sheffield Aerobic and Septic provides new installation and maintenance/repair/upgrades for both aerobic sewer systems and traditional septic systems for:

  • Residential clients in Hardin County, Tyler County, Orange County, and Jefferson County
  • SETX Commercial Properties & Property Management Companies
  • Southeast Texas Churches

For many Southeast Texas Christians, business owners, and churches, it can be wonderful to deal with Southeast Texas Christian businesses when possible.

Benefits of working with Southeast Texas Christian businesses include:

  • Southeast Texas Christian owned businesses typically see their business as an extension of their ministries. They put extra care into everything they do to reflect positively back on Christ.
  • Christian businesses put tithe money and additional giving back into our Southeast Texas churches, food banks, church building projects, youth and children’s camp funds, and other ministries. Southeast Texas Christan owned well services dig wells all over Africa, Mexico, and other drought ravaged areas. Southeast Texas Christian construction companies (including Sheffield Sewer and Septic) build churches in impoverished Southeast Texas areas, across the US, and as far away as Alaska, Africa, and Eastern Europe).
  • Southeast Texas Christian businesses have not been immune to the recession. Helping Christian businesses helps our own SETX Christian neighbors and makes it possible for these businesses to continue employing Southeast Texans and to do good works.

As part of their ministry, Sheffield Sewer and Construction has helped build several churches in Southeast Texas (including the septic system at the new Wildwood Baptist Church Family Life Center) and in Alaska, Africa, Belize, and the nation of Georgia (formerly part of the USSR).

Owner Keith Sheffield is currently organizing a Spring 2014 mission trip to Belize.

If you or your Southeast Texas church would like information on this foreign missions opportunity please contact Keith Sheffield:

  • (409) 656-1974
  • JKSheffield@sbcglobal.net

If you, your business, or your Southeast Texas church are looking to hire a Southeast Texas sewer contractor, please do consider Sheffield Aerobic and Septic, our SetxChurchGuide Southeast Texas Christian Business of the week.

  • Sheffield Aerobic and Septic
  • (409) 656-1974
  • JKSheffield@sbcglobal.net

Sheffield Septic thanks Village Mills United Methodist Church for bringing the Blackwood Quartet to Wildwood TX.




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