Wildwood Methodist Church Annual Bake Sale a Success. Village Mills TX.


In the Big Thicket, pastry lovers have been waiting for the annual bake sale at Wildwood / Village Mills Methodist Church.

This is a BIG Southeast Texas bake sale. Typically the Village Mills Methodist church congregation and well wishers from across Village Mills fill ten to twelve tables with: Wildwood Methodist Church bake sale

  • Cakes
  • Cookies
  • Pies
  • Home made candies
  • Art
  • Crafts
  • Christmas decorations

SetxChurchGuide has attended the past couple of years and we can advise you to get their EARLY.

The doors open at 8:30 – if you’re there at 10:30 pickings will be slim. Dozens of high quality cakes and pies will sell in the first fifteen minutes.

The proceeds go to support the charitable efforts of the United Methodist Women.

Bake Sale Southeast Texas Church


Village Mills Methodist Church: Between Warren and Kountze on the access road to Wildwood Resort City.

SETX Bake Sale Date: Saturday 11/23

Start Time: 8:30 am – and get their early. These baked goods fly off the shelf.

For more about Wildwood Methodist Church of Village Mills TX

If you’d like to support Wildwood’s United Methodist Women, feel free to bring your signature pie, cake, or cookies for this great Southeast Texas bake sale.

Thank-you to the congregation of Village Mills United Methodist Church for all of the wonderful work you do in the community and beyond.

Bake Sale Hardin County





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