Veteran’s Day Wishes from Southeast Texas Sewer and Septic

Veteran’s Day is one of our most important holidays.

It is the day we remember all who served.

Southeast Texans have protected our nation for generations. Our families and neighbors have served in every conflict for decades, on six continents.

Veteran’s Day is a special day for us here at Southeast Texas Sewer and Septic. It is the day we remember the father and uncle who served in World War II. This Veteran’s Day we remember all of those who served in Vietnam, many who were drafted. We want them to know now that their sacrifice IS appreciated. We remember the father-in-law who was a paratrooper in the post WWII era. We remember the nephew who joined the Marines and who served in the Middle East.

Thank you to those of you who served. Thank you to your family members who protected our nation and our freedoms. You are appreciated.

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Phone:Keith Sheffield, Owner. (409) 656-1974

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