Triumph Women’s Conference June 28 & 29

Southeast Texas Christian Women- June is a wonderful month for fellowship and learning. Triumph Church Southeast Texas is hosting a women’s conference on June 28 & 29 that will provide tools, encouragement, and inspiration to grow closer to Christ.

The event is “Redeeming Pink” and features an A-list of speakers including Cara Lewis and Martha Mott. The event will be hosted by Pastor Renee Clark.

Triumph Church Southeast Texas has a rich history of providing quality events and ministries for women.

The “Pink Principles” can help you know what to expect from the event.

Engage in Personal Commitment Triumph Womens Conference 6-13-13 300

We promise to participate in the agreement and signing of the Pink Pledge.

Embrace Relationships

We find value in women, their stories, and their unique gifts while creating an inclusive environment for women of all cultures, backgrounds and interests.

Encourage Mentorship

By developing personal opportunities for women to receive coaching and inspiration, we pledge to support them in reaching their goals.

Elevate through Education

We encourage growth through Bible-based training and education programs.

Enlarge our Circle

Our desire is to train women to draw a larger circle and positively influence and impact others in their world.

Empower to Lead with Authenticity

We are challenging and rewarding women to excel while equipping them to be real and honest in the development of leadership.

This is a wonderful opportunity for Southeast Texas Christian women to fellowship, network, and learn.

Thank-you to Triumph Church Southeast Texas for putting together this event for Southeast Texas Christian women.

For more information call: (409) 724-6606 or (409) 924-9930.

Click for More information on Redeeming Pink


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