Southeast Texas Christian Book Review: The Disciple’s Guidebook

Southeast Texas Christian Book Review 

The Disciple’s Guidebook“.

After a decade of studying numerous cryptic passages in The Bible, A. Victoria Chance believes she has discovered a key to unlocking the mysteries of the Bible. Incredibly, this key, which is a hidden language, has the author believes has been in plain sight for the past 2,000 years.

The Disciple’s Guidebook takes readers who are suffering from a dearth of practical religion on a spiritual journey through the fundamental teachings of Christianity, starting with the parables of Christ. Victoria calls his parables the alphabet of the Kingdom of God, without which one cannot fully understand the mysteries of the Bible.

She reveals very clearly how she believes Jesus intended for the parables to be used — as a guide to understanding his deep spiritual teachings. Small parables are shown to have been translated word-for-word by Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew. This “key” is then used to understand the larger more substantial parables and eventually the overall meaning of his message.

Once Christ’s language is decoded, The Disciple’s Guidebook explains five main Christian precepts: truth, righteousness, readiness, faith and salvation. Now, the elusive key has been exposed and the mysteries of the Bible are revealed to everyone.

About The Author:
A. Victoria Chance is a resident of Norfolk, Virginia. She enjoys the coastal climate and loves seeing dolphins and ducks in her backyard. Victoria recently moved from Washington, DC, where she finished her internal medicine residency training. As a physician, she encourages everyone to live a pure and healthy life. As a Christian writer, she encourages everyone to fulfill their spiritual purpose.

She has been devoted to studying and writing about the Word of God for more than ten years.

The Disciple’s Guidebook is available for purchase online through the author’s website, from the publisher,,, and other online retailers.

This book is available in the following versions: 

  • Paperback
  • Hardcover
  • Mobi 
  • ePub

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