Thanksgiving Thoughts from Rooted Therapy and Wellness

Thanksgiving Blessings to You and Your Family 

from Rooted Therapy and Wellness in Beaumont

For your family, Thanksgiving is a joyous time. They eat all they can (and perhaps more than they should). They throw around the football, watch a lot of football, and maybe make it out to the lake or the deer woods.

For many moms, the Thanksgiving experience is different.

Moms STRESS over getting each dish just right, having the decorations set up perfectly, and about getting along with their in-laws.

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Moms overwork, committing to preparing too many dishes, cleaning up after Thanksgiving dinner without help (sometimes because it is never offered), and trying to accommodate the special needs and preferences of people they only see once a year.

Give yourself something to be thankful for this year. Find exercises to help minimize your stress and Thanksgiving, Christmas, and year-round. Get help achieving and maintaining a healthy life balance. Deal with nagging injuries that didn’t quite heal on their own.

Rooted Therapy and Wellness in Beaumont helps moms achieve optimal health every day.

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Amanda Adams is a respected local occupational therapist who brings a God focused, natural approach to healing, stress management, and life balance.

Services moms particularly benefit from include cupping, aroma therapy, breathwork, prayer, strengthening and conditioning, and massage.

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