Southeast Texas Youth Ministry Opportunity – Marksmanship Weekend at Camp His Way with Top Shot Dustin Ellermann

Southeast Texas Youth Ministry Events

Marksmanship Weekends at Camp His Way with Top Shot Dustin Ellerman

Youth Ministry is a cornerstone in our lives as Southeast Texas Christians.

How we minister to the youths affects whether or not young adults leave the church (and for how long) after leaving their parents’ home.

They can be a hard group to keep engaged and finding the balance between ministry and entertainment is a challenge.

Youth weekend’s at Camp His Way can be a blessing for Southeast Texas youth pastors.

Camp His Way and their SETX youth marksmanship weekends are shepherded by Top Shot Dustin Ellermann.

Camp His Way Marksmanship Camp SETX Youth Ministry

Dustin Ellermann has a true passion for sharing his experiences – and unique skillset- with children and youth.

Dustin and his team are filling up their Youth Marskmanship weekends.

These are typically a parent/child weekend – another blessing as parents often has to struggle even more to make a meaningful impact on their child than their youth minister does.

You probably already know Camp His Way as a wonderful Christian summer camp- churches from all over Southeast Texas send their kids each year..

During the fall and spring, Dustin Ellermann hosts several weekend Youth Marksmanship Camps at Camp His Way in Zavalla, TX. These are weekend camps for kids ages 9-13, teens 14-18, and private adult groups.

Camp His Way Marksmanship Camp Lumberton Youth Ministry

Weekend marksmanship camps at Camp His Way focus on safety, marksmanship skills, team building, and becoming men and women of Biblical character with the following fun activities:

Tomahawk  Throwing
Shovel Throwing
Knife Throwing
Rock Throwing (yes for real)
Pellet Rifles
Big Bore Blowguns
Shooting a Paintball Gun While Flying Down a Zipline At Night
Rimfire Rifle Marksmanship (Savage Bolt Action, M&P 15, MP5, Volquartsen Custom + more)

Camp His Way Marksmanship Camp Beaumont Children's Ministry


Your youth are growing up fast. Soon they’ll be out in the world.

Enjoy them – and learn with them – at one Camp His Way’s Marksmanship Camp weekends.

The memories will last a lifetime.

Camp His Way Marksmanship Camp Beaumont Youth Ministry

We hope you have enjoyed today’s feature, Southeast Texas Youth Ministry Events – Marksmanship Weekends at Camp His Way with Top Shot Dustin Ellerman.

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