Southeast Texas Women’s Ministry – You’re Never Too Old To Find Your Voice by Debbie Slaughter

Southeast Texas Women’s MinistryYou’re Never Too Old To Find Your Voice by Debbie Slaughter

If someone would have told me, many years ago, that it would take me turning 50 before I would learn to take control of some things, I would have been devastated.  I mean it takes a long time to get to 50 years old!

I remember watching the Oprah show, way back when, and her declaring that 50 was her best year ever.   Well, in some ways, that may be true for me, as well.

I mean, I turned 50 this year and I’ve got a granddaughter and a new business.  But, not only that, I found my voice in some matters and that’s important stuff too!

I’ve learned that turning 50 means I’m not willing to give in to certain people anymore.  A few weeks ago, God gave me a revelation about something I’ve been dealing with, that really had a hold on me. He lifted the burden off my shoulders and opened my eyes to the fact that I am not responsible for someone else’s happiness.

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Why in the world would anyone put that burden upon themselves or allow another person to lay that burden on them?  That’s called crazy!

Are you dealing with this?  Can you relate?

Has someone made you feel like you’re a slave to their demands?  Like you are responsible for filling up their days and making them happy, because they’re too lazy to do it for themselves?  (This is not about my marriage, by the way!)

That is a heavy burden to carry!

I finally stood up and let my voice be heard.  I finally said things that should have been said years ago and I finally made decisions for my own good, not theirs.

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Oh my gosh, it felt right and good!

I finally felt free and whole and not torn apart by something that should have never been about me in the first place.

I know this all sounds cryptic and it’s a story without a character, but I’m sharing the slim details in case someone else is carrying around the burden of being manipulated by someone else.

Some people are pros at making others feel obligated to them.
Some people thrive on having others take care of their needs, because it gives them the attention they crave so desperately.
Some people always put themselves first, with no regard to the other humans on the planet.

Y’all, let’s just call it like it is……manipulation and abuse.  Enabling and ridiculous.  Selfish and conniving.

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If you’re in a situation like this – get yourself out.

Of course, there are so many scenarios that I have no way to put enough disclaimers on here, but I’m not advocating divorce or abandoning anyone.

This is not about my marriage, so I’m not speaking to that kind of situation (abuse, etc.)

This is about someone in your life who has a hold on you emotionally, through manipulation or guilt.

This is about you allowing someone in your life to control what you do, in regard to them, because you don’t know how to tell them NO.

Well, I’m here to tell you that every time you say YES, when your heart is screaming NO, you are feeding the problem and making it worse.

Stand up for yourself!  Quit giving in to manipulation. 

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If this person is ever going to be healthy, people have to start saying NO to them and allow them to stand on their own and fall on their own.  People like this will never pull themselves up because they always have others doing it for them.

I can’t tell you how much lighter I feel and the burden that has been lifted.  I know that I will have to continue to fight this battle, because this person has had a lifetime of practice in their behavior.  But, the freedom is so amazing that I’m not willing to fall into the trap again, so I will stand strong.

If you can relate to any part of this….
If your spirit jumps as you’re reading this…..
If just thinking about being free from manipulation has you feeling hopeful….

Please start praying for God to reveal this to you even further!  Pray for open eyes and release from this burden.

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Pray for strength and wisdom; for the right words and a definite voice to say “NO MORE”!

Think about what you’ve been giving into and how it has affected your life.

If need be, break your connection and move on.

No one has the right to hold you captive!

Stand up and be free and start protecting yourself from manipulation.

You’re never too old to find your voice.

Until Next Time…..

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