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women's ministry Beaumont TX, women's ministry Southeast Texas, women's ministry Golden Triangle TX, Beaumont Christian news, Beaumont church newsOn today’s Southeast Texas Women’s Ministry Spotlight, we highlight an excerpt from the popular SETX Christian blog by Debbie Slaughter.

Debbie inspires Southeast Texas Christian women with insights on a wide range of topics including motherhood, managing your finances, homeschooling, and more.

Enjoy today’s inspiration from Debbie Slaughter:

Today is one of those “after holiday” days, where we will all think it’s a different day than it really is.

Personally, I woke up thinking it was Monday and questioned David about why he was wearing jeans to the office on a Monday.    Apparently he got the memo that it was still Friday, but I didn’t.

So, because I’ve decided this will be a freaky kind of day, I’ve named this day Freaky Friday.  This also gives me the excuse to write Thanksgiving about all kinds of random things, just because it fits the title.

#1 – Do you ever just want to take up arms against people that insult your family members on FB?  How many times has your family had to tell you to “calm down MOM!”?  And the ever-important reminder “Don’t you dare say anything back to ‘so and so’!”   Ok, so they don’t appreciate my overzealous need to defend them.  Ha! I get no respect!

#2 – Have you ever thrown something away, bought a better one of those, then realized the old one was so much better?   I recently threw away a perfectly good manual can opener, just because the blade was getting a little rusty looking.   Being cheap, as I am at times, I went to the Dollar Store (I don’t recommend this) and bought two different kind of manual can openers, paid a whole $5.00 total, and took them home, only to find that they were both a piece of junk.     So, I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond, bought one of the new, fancier kind that cut around the rim and paid $22, brought it home and it wouldn’t open a can of chicken.    So, back I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond, and bought the cheapest electronic can opener they had for $9.99, came home and finally got my canned chicken opened!

The moral of this ridiculous story is:  if the old THINGY is still working, don’t be an idiot and spend $37 plus tax on a new THINGY.    Just use the old one until it truly doesn’t work anymore.

#3 –Don’t buy more books than you can read in a year.  It just causes stress. stressed woman

#4 – I woke up one day and realized I’m not that great of a housekeeper anymore.   When did that happen?

#5 – I hate group texts (the ones that go to multiple people at the same time).  They are like a never ending conversation with people you don’t even know.   Freaks me out.

#6 – Some days I wake up and am not superwoman.   This always disappoints me.

#7 – I may have lasagna for breakfast today.   It’s a toss up between that and waffles.

#8 – How many of you still count spaces when you’re typing, like we were taught in typing class  and English?   You know – double space this or move over two after that.


#9 –Never hang around with people that always have to “one-up” you.   Collin once had a little friend who insisted that the apples at his house were bigger than the ones at our house.     Seriously little dude?   I think you have some issues with competition.    Gee, where do kids learn these traits?

#10 – Women love throw pillows and men detest them.   It’s true.  I’ve lived with this scenario for years.

Well, that concludes my freaky thoughts for today.  Or at least the next hour or so.   Maybe I’ll do a sequel……you just never know.

I encourage you to thinGuest Blogk about all the freaky things in your life sometimes.

Laughter is good medicine!

Have a great day!


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