Are you free? SETX Guest Blogger Debbie Slaughter

On today’s Southeast Texas Women’s Ministry Spotlight, we highlight a posting from Debbie Slaughter’s “A Million Skies”.

Debbie has made a big impact on our SETX Church Guide readers with her insights on being a Southeast Texas Christian woman, a mother, a homeschooler, a wife, and more.


Reading in the book of James this morning, I came across a note that just resonated with my spirit. It said:

“No longer slaves of sin, believers are now free to become
everything God has planned for them to be.”
I wanted to scream out “YES, this is so true!”
Having been a slave to sin (totally lost) for the first 23 years of my life, I can appreciate the difference between the two worlds and believe me, I would not be the person I am today without the salvation of Jesus Christ!
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When you’re “LOST”, you can feel deep within you that something isn’t quite right; something is missing.
I believe I had a deep knowledge of what God created me to be – a wife and a mom – but from where I was standing, that was only a faint glimmer in the very distant future.
When Jesus starting “wooing” me and the Holy Spirit started reshaping my life, that deep knowledge of who I was supposed to be, started slowly rising to the surface.
Little by little, God purged me of worldly and fleshly desires and replaced them with thoughts of Him and His standards. And, little by little I became free.
That freedom from sin brought about that “abundant life” that God promises. debbie slaughter family
It’s amazing what walking with The Lord will do!
I was no longer a slave to sin, but I was free in Him!
Free to be a wife to an awesome man.
Free to be a mom to my amazing boys.
Free to live without guilt and shame.
I was finally free to be everything God had planned for me to be.
“It is no longer ME that lives, but CHRIST in me!”
Until YOU give your life to HIM, you will never be all HE created YOU to be.
Are you free?
women's ministry Winnie Tx : Thank-you Debbie for sharing this wonderful message for Southeast Texas Christian women. If you’d like to read more from Debbie, check out her blog.
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Thank-you to Setx Church Guide guest blogger Debbie Slaughter for a wonderful message.
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