Southeast Texas Vacation Bible School Calendar – Wildwood Baptist Church to host Journey Off the Map June 15-19

On today’s Southeast Vacation Bible School Calendar, we are highlighting “Journey off the Map” coming to Wildwood Baptist Church June 15th through the 19th.

For Southeast Texas Christian families, summer VBS programs are a long and meaningful tradition.

At Vacation Bible School our children enjoy arts, crafts, song, fellowship, and the chance to further grow their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Vacation Bible School Big Thicket

Wildwood Baptist Church in Village Mills (Wildwood Resort City)is an ideal community church. People from the Wildwood neighborhood, Village Mills, and the Big Thicket come to Wildwood Baptist Church for:

  • Worship
  • Fellowship events
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Youth activities
  • Seniors ministries
  • Fellowship meals


The congregation does a wonderful job providing Vacation Bible School for children from around the Big Thicket each summer.

This year, the Wildwood Baptist Church VBS team has chosen “Journey Off the Map”.

This is a popular theme with VBS programs across Southeast Texas this summer.

Your child will learn that following God can take our lives into uncharted territory and beyond our own expectations.

Wildwood area kids will learn that obedience to God will take us on a wonderful journey where some destinations are unknown to us, but always known to Him.

2015 VBS Southeast Texas

Would you like to give your child a great Southeast Texas VBS experience in the Hardin County / Tyler County area?

They would be welcome at Wildwood Baptist Church in Village Mills for “Journey Off the Map”, a fun VBS that will draw kids from around the Big Thicket.VBS Silsbee

  • June 15-19
  • Family night on Friday June 19
  • Morning VBS – 9 to noon

Click here for the Wildwood Baptist Church in Village Mills Tx Facebook Page.

We hope you have enjoyed today’s Southeast Texas Vacation Bible School Calendar.

Are you still looking for the just right SETX VBS experience for your family?

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