Southeast Texas Thanksgiving Leftovers Make Great Fellowship Opportunities

Thanksgiving Fellowship Southeast Texas – Get the most out of your leftovers this year

This Thanksgiving, Southeast Texas Christians have a great fellowship opportunity.

Instead of getting “bored” with your left owners, turn them into fun & easy (the food is all prepared!) opportunities to fellowship with neighbors and Southeast Texas church members.

Southeast Texas Thanksgiving Leftover Party

Some common ideas (and very simple variations) are:

  • Thanksgiving Leftover Exchange. Invite some friends over to swap leftovers. You may be tired of a dish, but it will be a delicacy to a friend.
  • Progressive Leftover Party. Go from house to house and enjoy an activity and informal snacking off of each other’s leftovers. You can play cards at one house, do a short Bible study at another house, take fun photos at a third house, and watch football or a movie at your final destination.
  •  Thanksgiving Leftover Party.  Invite your friends for an easy potluck get together. Share stories from your family Thanksgiving and enjoy each other’s company without the stress of preparing food.
  • Potluck Thanksgiving Bible Study
  • Christmas Light Hanging Party – Take turns helping eachother hang Christmas lights and share your best Thanksgiving Leftovers.
  • Potluck Thanksgiving Football Party
  • Potluck Thanksgiving Scrapbook. It is the holidays. Chances are you have 1-5 years of photos you’ve been meaning to get scrapbooked. Guess what. Your friends do too. Invite them to bring their leftovers and catch up on scrap booking together.
  • Invite an elderly neighbor over. Even though they had plenty of family over for the holiday, there can be a letdown after the last niece or grandchild returns home. Invite them over to share your bounty of holiday leftovers. They’ll appreciate it and chances are excellent that you’ll enjoy it as much as they do.

SETX Thanksgiving

Chances are, you can come up with some variations on these ideas that are ideal for you and your friends. Maybe you combine the football party for the guys and the scrapbooking party for the ladies. Maybe you decorate Christmas trees instead of hanging lights. Feel free to share your ideas on the SETXChurchGuide Facebook Page.

Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable Southeast Texas Thanksgiving Weekend.

Thank-you to all of the Southeast Texas churches and Christians who provided Thanksgiving baskets, Thanksgiving Meals, food drives, and other assistance to those in need this Thanksgiving.

Your efforts are appreciated.

Thanksgiving Image 2

We hope you have enjoyed today’s feature, Thanksgiving Fellowship Southeast Texas – Get the most out of your leftovers this year

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