Southeast Texas Southern Gospel Concert May 17 in Kountze

Kountze’s newly remodeled County Seat Music Hall will host a special Southeast Texas Southern Gospel concert on Saturday May 17th.

This will be a wonderful fellowship opportunity for Southeast Texas Southern Gospel fans from Hardin County and beyond.

If you enjoy live Southern Gospel, this will be a great Saturday evening of fun and fellowship.

County Seat Music Hall Kountze Tx

Come early for the best seats.

The following bands will be featured:

  • Back in Time
  • Mandi Anderson

Here are details for the show:

  • Ma7 17th
  • 6:30-9:00
  • County Seat Music Hall
  • 125th W. Brown St. in Kountze (near the Kountze Library)
  • Bring a folding chair in case all the seats are full

If you’ve been waiting for a fun Southeast Texas Southern Gospel Concert – or the chance to see a show in the County Seat Music Hall, this will be a fun Saturday night.


County Seat Music Hall in Kountze


This Southeast Texas Christian Concert update is sponsored by Southeast Texas Aerobic and Septic.

Owner Keith Sheffield has a passion for Southern Gospel music and can often be heard humming or softly singing favorite tunes while he works.

Southeast Texas Aerobic and Septic is a Southeast Texas Christian business and has supported church building in

Southeast Texas Church Marketing

Support SETX Christian Businesses

Southeast Texas and as far away as Alaska, Africa, and the Republic of Georgia.

Christian businesses working together helps keep the Southeast Texas Christian business community strong and active.

If you are interested in an aerobic or traditional septic system for your home, business, or Southeast Texas church, please contact:

  • Keith Sheffield
  • (409) 656-1974

Thank-you to Southeast Texas Aerobic and Septic and all of the Southeast Texas Christian businesses that support our Southeast Texas churches, missions, and non-profit organizations.

In many ways, Southeast Texas Christian businesses are the heart of the Southeast Texas business community.

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