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When I sweep, my brain goes into autopilot mode. It wanders. It’s an women's ministry Lumberton Txinvoluntary response to chores much like breathing or blinking my eyes… when I pick up my broom and dust pan, I ponder. When I switch the clothes over, I think. When I wash dishes, I reflect. Yesterday I was sweeping, and over half way through noticed that I was alone. Everyone in my house had disappeared and was unaware. The sports channel blared on the television, the dog stood there looking at me, and I just swept. My husband was gone, too – I knew everyone was safe.

Southeast Texas moms blog - sweeping floor

I starting hearing the baseball game, and I didn’t go change the TV to a different channel. I wanted to hear a little bit, I wanted to know just enough of what was going on. You see, my boys are sports fanatics – they watch, play, talk, and dream all things sports and outdoors. They are good ole’ SETX country boys. If there is a game on, that’s what they’re we’re watching. I don’t mind, but for years I never really paid attention to the game or the players. I gave my attention to ironing, housework, menu planning, painting my toe nails, and other more ladylike pursuits. Lately however, I have become more sports literate (probably by osmosis). I have gone from tuning out to tuning in. If I crank the car and the radio is still tuned in to ESPN I just leave it. If the restaurant has a game on, I check it out. If my Facebook feed has a sports post from a friend, I read it.

Who am I? When did this happen? How long has this been going on?? Do I present any other symptoms of sports-osis?  So, as I swept my living room I pondered this strange phenomenon within myself. I don’t have a competitive bone in my body, I don’t have a ‘TEAM’ that I root for, I don’t even know when each season starts for different sports except for when I need to pay for the registration fees for my own kids. How is it that I seem to know so much about the Pittsburg Pirates and Andrew McKutchen or the Houston Astros and Fiers no-hitter or even the Nationals and their not-so-stellar season.

Aug 21, 2015; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Astros starting pitcher Mike Fiers (54) reacts after pitching a no-hitter against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Minute Maid Park. The Astros defeated the Dodgers 3-0. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

By the time I got the dirt, pretzel crumbs, torn bits of tissue, a fishing lure, and two pennies in the dust pan I realized that have enjoyed becoming a fan because it’s something I can do with my people. I can join in the camaraderie of a shut out, I can rib the boys on the loss of a game to a lesser team, I can wear a cute team shirt. I can be a part of their world. And what’s best is they want me to be a part of this world, too. “Mom, who ya pulling for?” “Mom, your Astros are on.” The boys make me feel included and it makes me feel good to know I am important to them. So, if sports are important to my family and they want me to be included in that world with them, then sports can be interesting to me, too.  I finished sweeping, put away the broom and dust pan, and welcomed the bustling noise of family back into my house. I was surprised to find that a live perch had magically appeared in my kitchen sink and it swimming somewhat contentedly.

Moms blog Southeast Texas - perch in sink

I wouldn’t have it any other way. I may not be a huge sports fan or outdoorswoman, but I am the biggest fan of my boys and that by default will make me a fan of whatever is important to them.

May the mundane chores of everyday bring you a bit of private reflection that reminds you of the sweetness of family, raising babies, and absolute thankfulness that I have a floor to sweep, a broom with which to sweep it, and healthy,crazy boys to give me plenty to ponder.

By the way, JJ Watt has some mad skills – much respect to his work ethic.

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We hope you have enjoyed today’s Southeast Texas women’s ministry feature.

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