The Giving Field – Supporting Southeast Texas Soup Kitchens

The Giving Field Beaumont Soup Kitchens

Southeast Texas Soup KitchensThe Giving Field supports Some Other Place and The Hospitality Center.

Is your church looking for a Southeast Texas missions opportunity that will help the less fortunate?

Food assistance is a BIG issue and a way for your church to give to those truly in need.

The Giving Field is a Beaumont Community Garden supporting Southeast Texas Soup Kitchens.

The Beaumont urban garden is located adjacent to St. Anne’s Catholic School on property owned by St. Anne’s Catholic Church.

Beaumont’s community garden is designed to provide year round support to our Southeast Texas Soup Kitchens:

  • Some Other Place Beaumont
  • The Hospitality Center Port Arthur

The Giving Field in Beaumont promotes sustainable food production and helps reduce the amount of processed foods needed by Southeast Texas food kitchens (The Giving Field has also documented a significant financial impact on SETX Soup Kitchens).

The Giving Field in Beaumont is supported and worked by a network of volunteers including Southeast Texas homeschool and private school children (St. Anne’s Kids are regularly involved).

Working together, churches, volunteers, and non-profits help to create and grow a feeling of united Southeast Texas Christian community.

A big SetxChurchGuide thank-you to everyone who has helped make The Giving Field in Beaumont a success and such a wonderful asset for local soup kitchens.

The Giving Field Supports SETX Soup Kitchens

Eggs provide much needed protein to SETX Soup Kitchens

Giving Field Beaumont TX

Logan Fant a “Kids Directory Kid” harvests The Giving Field with homeschool friends.

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We hope you have enjoyed today’s feature, Southeast Texas Soup KitchensThe Giving Field supports Some Other Place and The Hospitality Center.

The Southeast Texas Family Magazine appreciates the opportunity to assist in the growth of a united Southeast Texas Christian community.

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Was today’s Southeast Texas missions opportunity right for you and your church?

If not, stay tuned to SETX Church Guide.

We’ll be bringing more ways your Southeast Texas church can help those in need.

Do you have a great local Southeast Texas missions opportunity you’d like to share?

Post it to our SETX Church Guide Facebook Page.

We’re all about helping Southeast Texas Christians plug into the ministries and missions fields that God is calling them to.

A big SETX Church Guide thank-you to all you do to help those in need.

Giving Field Beaumont Tx



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