Southeast Texas Homeschooling: Preparing for the Last Four Years by Debbie Slaughter

Southeast Texas Homeschooling – Preparing for the last four years by Debbie Slaughter

Preparing a High School Plan for your Southeast Texas homeschool child can be fun and intimidating, all at the same time.

It’s always exciting to imagine all the things you can teach and all they can accomplish, over the next four years, but the choices on how to get there, are so plentiful, it’s overwhelming!   Add in the idea of earning College Credit during those same years and it takes “overwhelming” to a whole new level!

College Credit can be earned during high school in multiple ways:  Testing out of classes, actually attending on-campus, or taking a class online.

For homeschoolers, the best way of earning college credit while in high school, is to utilize the testing options that are available, such as CLEP exams and a number of other exams offered.

Here is a great resource for telling you exactly how to do that:

Debbie Slaughter Planning the Last Four Years

In this book, the author guides you through making a plan for high school that will prepare the student for testing out of those same courses and earning college credit.

For instance – since your Southeast Texas homeschool child will be studying U.S. History anyway, then why not study from a text that prepares you for the U.S. History CLEP exam and earn credit through testing?

Or, if your child will be taking a foreign language during the next four years, why not take the Foreign Language CLEP exam and avoid having to do this course in college?

It only makes sense!

The number of credits earned by testing and accepted for credit, will vary at each college or university, so this is also research you will have to do.

You don’t want to spend four years testing out of courses, only to find out that the college of your choice won’t accept all of your credits.  

It’s not a fluffy, fun way of doing high school, but if you know your child is choosing college, then it’s certainly a good start and a great way of saving time and money.

Personally, I think there should be a balance of preparing for college, which would include “teaching to the test” and making these last four years enjoyable and memorable.

Ultimately our job as homeschooling parents is to prepare our child to be ready for life outside our home.   This includes so much more than academic learning!

So as you begin to look at the High School Years, consider the academic aspect,
but consider too,  all of the other areas of growth you want to see in your child.

These are your last years to really guide your child toward their future and you want to use this time wisely.

Most of all,  remember – this is a get to not a have to.

What we do as Southeast Texas homeschool moms is a privilege and a blessing.

Happy planning!

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