Southeast Texas Homeschooling. Debbie Slaughter “Are You Really Home Schooling?”

Southeast Texas homeschooling: Notes from Debbie Slaughter, SETX Christian Blogger.

On today’s edition of Southeast Texas Homeschooling, we share an excerpt from popular SETX Christian women’s blog “A Million Skies” by Debbie Slaughter.

Southeast Texas homeschool blogger Debbie Slaughter turns serious in this week’s guest blog:

Today we opened a big box that came via UPS.   Oh, how we’ve looked forward to getting boxes from UPS all of these years!    Today’s box, however, brought on a variety of emotions, from myself and Collin.

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Collin’s first reaction, when he saw this huge box of supplies, was excitement.

His second reaction was one of anxiety over starting high school.

The funny thing is that it’s not like he’s going to a new school!  He will just wake up every day and be a high school student – in his same house, same bedroom, same teacher, same everything!

Now, granted, I have emphasized the difference between all other grade levels vs. high school, so maybe he was really listening and is feeling the seriousness of it all (one can only hope).

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My emotions were those of excitement and sadness.

Excitement over the fact that this is our entire high school Science curriculum, all in one box, and yet, sadness over something entirely unexpected.

Opening that box and seeing all the supplies and books, made me nostalgic for a time in home school supporthomeschooling, where moms were excited to be free from organized education.

There was a time, when my kids were young, that we homeschool moms were so involved and taking such effort to teach our kids from supplies like these.    We might even gather with a group of friends, in one home or another, and do experiments together, just for the fun of having a group.   We might share a snack and some play time afterwards and then all go home to our little houses; with plans to do it again soon.

But, what I’m observing now days, in the Southeast Texas homeschooling world, is a huge pull toward co-ops and schools that are no longer for extra curricular group time, but for core classes and anything else we can teach or have someone else teach, for us.

Co-ops used to be for those extra “icing on the cake” type things like field trips, support, parties, and a science lab or drama class.

Now, moms are turning toward these groups for academics – and almost all subjects.

What is it about us that feels we have to have an organized entity to succeed?

I understand the social aspect; doing Science experiments is so much more fun in a group.  And, Drama class just wouldn’t be the same without your fellow actors and actresses.   But, what I don’t understand is the need to be so dependent on this form of structured education.   Isn’t that what we were running from a few years ago?

In our area, there are “classical” schools popping up everywhere.   Homeschool moms are so excited and signing up left and right.   Why?  I thought you left that mindset!

But, it’s something within us, that continually calls us back to that structured – “other people in charge” – kind of education.      I guess some need to be told what to do and others just want someone to do it for them.

I’ve been in several co-ops over the years, as well as plain ole’ support groups.   I enjoyed the extra curricular classes that were offered and we made great friends in all of them.   But, there were many years when I was perfectly content to just stay in my house and teach my kids, without the help from anyone else.   And we were fine!  We didn’t shrivel up from lack of that once-a-week socialization, and my kids weren’t the town dummies because they didn’t sit in some classroom, dissecting a worm.      We just did what I intended on doing when I took this “job” – we learned!   I ordered books and resources, put in the time necessary, and we learned.     And it was awesome.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to belong to something.   And there is nothing wrong with getting help in certain areas of learning.

Just make sure you’re not falling back into that mindset of group schools, just because you’re lazy and putting off on others, what really should be your responsibility – to teach your kids.

After all, God placed this call on YOU, not the school down the road.    It may be easier, but that doesn’t make it right.

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Thank-you to guest blogger Debbie Slaughter for this week’s Southeast Texas homeschool insight.

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