Southeast Texas Homeschool Spotlight: Back to School and All That Jazz

Inspiration for Homeschool Moms in Southeast Texas

by Debbie Slaughter

Today we’re dusting off a classic post from one of our favorite Texas homeschool bloggers:

Well, today was that magic day when Collin started back to school……High School to be exact!

I’m a horrible mom.

No fanfare.
No fancy breakfast.
No new clothes.
Not even one single new No. 2 Pencil!

I didn’t even take a picture of him with a little board or sign saying “Ninth Grade”!

Home school Southeast Texas
But, he didn’t even seem to care or notice that I was not throwing him a party.

He set his alarm for 7am, got up and did all of his morning things, started his SETX homeschool routine and was finished by 10:00 am.

Now, before anyone has a conniption fit (whatever that is), we started off with only a fraction of our subjects today because I wanted to ease him into a homeschool Beaumont, homeschool Texas, homeschool Southeast Texas, homeschool SETX, homeschool Golden Triangleroutine.

Our Southeast Texas homeschool co-op doesn’t start for two more weeks, and while I couldn’t stand two more weeks of NO SCHOOL, I didn’t want to throw him into shock by sending him to his desk for 5 hours.     As David says – it’s hard work down at the “Do-anything-you-want-plant” and we have to ease our little SETX homeschoolers into hard work!

So, today he got right to work and finished all of his assignments and then headed off to his room to work on his music and recordings that he’s into these days.

Next week I’ll add a few more subjects and his days will be a little tougher and longer and the following week, he’ll start Southeast Texas homeschool co-op and he will be on a full blown, high school schedule (SETX homeschool style).

I’m glad I get to stagger his workload like this.   It’s not only a positive for him, but it helps me go from Summer Mom mode to Mom & Teacher mode, which I need help with too.

Oh, and here’s a few school pictures for those of you that think I’m horrible for not taking one today:

Debbie Slaughter Homeschool jazz 1


Debbie Slaughter homeschool jazz 2

He pretty much looks the same.   Just a little taller.

Hope the first day of school (or SETX Homeschool) was a success for you!

P.S.  After lunch, he came out of his room to inform David and I that he discovered Quantum Physics on Youtube.    He showed us the video and it was pretty cool.    And, I didn’t even assign Science today!  Bonus!

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