Southeast Texas Halloween Thoughts from First United Methodist Church of Nederland

Southeast Texas Halloween 

by First United Methodist Church Nederland TX

The celebration of Halloween in Southeast Texas is one to be practiced, if at all, very carefully.  Moms and dads, you keep your children Halloween Nederland Txphysically safe, be sure and keep their tender spirits safe as well.

Christians don’t ever celebrate evil, evil spirits, witchcraft, mediums, fortune tellers, or astrologers (horoscopes).

We celebrate the Lord of Life!
The light of heaven is the light of our lives,
so scary and mean should not be a part of our tradition.
We celebrate God’s goodness and the bounty of the harvest.
We give and share generously of our love of God in word and deed.

So, this Halloween in Southeast Texas, don’t go down the dark path but tread the path of light.

If your children trick or treat in The Golden Triangle, let them do so in a way that celebrates God’s goodness.  In no way should any family do anything that trades good for evil.

If you give candy away at your door, consider also stopping by a Christian book store and picking up some tracks or items that point to Jesus or sharing a flyer to an upcoming fellowship event at your Southeast Texas church.

Part of the Halloween tradition in Southeast Texas  is honoring those who have gone before us in the faith.  We do not fear death or the dead because in Christ we dwell in the presence of God Almighty.

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In Christ our lives never end but continue to move from blessing to blessing and glory to glory.  Use this day to be a blessing to all.  Redeem the day by glorifying Jesus in all that you do!

For All the Saints:
A Prayer for Halloween in Southeast Texas

Amidst hobgoblins and pranksters,
O God, we seek a quiet corner this autumn evening halloween nederland tx
to give thanks for the saints whose day this really is.

 Be tolerant of our commercialized, costumed hoopla,
even as you remind us of the pillars
upon which our faith rests today.

Keep our trick-or-treat fun, clean, and safe
and our faith memories aware,
for it is too easy to lose track of what
we really celebrate  in the darkness of this night.

Prayer by Margaret Anne Huffman

The devils are subject to God’s greater power and tremble before Him. James 2:19

 You believe that there is one God. Good!
Even the demons believe that—and shudder.

This has been a Southeast Texas Halloween message from:

First United Methodist Church of Nederland.

123 N 13th St, Nederland, TX 77627
(409) 729-3525

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