Southeast Texas Fellowship Events – Antioch Baptist Church Beaumont TX BBQ Cookoff

Southeast Texas Fellowship Events – Antioch Baptist Church Beaumont TX BBQ Cookoff

Are you looking for a fun Southeast Texas Christian Family Eventfamily ministry Beaumont TX, Antioch Baptist Church family ministry, family ministry Southeast Texas, family ministry SETX, family ministry Golden Triangle TX

SETX Church Guide recommends the Antioch Baptist Church Beaumont Barbecue Cookoff.

G4 12 Grill Out

Saturday, April 1st

11am – 3pm

Alice Keith Park

4050 Reed Street in Beaumont TX


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This event is open to all Southeast Texas families looking for a fun event.

Come out to Alice Keith Park and enjoy a great Christian fellowship with the congregation of Antioch Baptist Church in Beaumont.

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  • Barbecue Cookoff – Boudain
  • Barbecue Cookoff – Burgers
  • Barbecue Chicken Cookoff
  • Great prizes for the winners from Antioch Baptist Church.

Kids can play in the park while the fellowship meal is cooking.

Families are welcome to bring their own:

  • Chairs
  • Canopies
  • Tentschurch barbuce Beaumont TX, church barbecue Antioch Baptist Church Beaumont, church barbecue Southeast Texas, SETX Church Barbecue
  • Drinks
  • Grills
  • Deep Fryers

Enjoy this fun fellowship event for Golden Triangle families.

It has everything you are looking for – great Beaumont barbecue, quality family time, and laid back Christian fellowship for Southeast Texas families.

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