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Talking to Teenagers

Today’s Subject – Set an Example for Others

1st Timothy 4:12, Talking to Teensagers, Teen Bible Studies, life lessons for teenagersWe have been working on talking more with our children about life.

I have always tried to set a good example, but lately I have been working more on also using my words.

This week, our focus is using a Biblical example to set a higher self-image and to raise the bar on what they feel they can accomplish today and throughout their lives.

1st Timothy 4:12

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.

We started out looking at some real life teens from a range of different backgrounds whose early accomplishments eclipsed those of most adults.

teen inventors, teen writers, teen success stories, teenage ambitionTeens that changed history:

  • Jerry Siegel & Joe Schuster. Invented the Superman comic book in high school. Worked on it for three years to land a national publisher.
  • Grand Wizard Theodore. Invented scratching on a record at 12 years old.
  • Kool Herc. Put together two turn table DJing and early rapping. 17 years old.
  • Samuel Colt. Invented the Colt Revolver as a teenager. His first order was for 1000 guns to the Texas Rangers for use in the Mexican American War.
  • Robert Heft. Designed the American flag we use today at 17 years old. Designers were having trouble cramming 50 stars onto the flag. He competed against 1500 adult, professional, designers. Congress selected his design.
  • Joseph Bombardier. Invented the snowmobile at 15 years old. Became one of the richest men in Canada.Grandwizard Theodore, Inventor of Scratching, Rap Pioneers, DJ Pioneers, Hip Hop pioneers

Daily application. How can you apply this Bible passage in your own life?

Set an Example in Speech

Talking to teenage boys, 1st Timothy 4:12, Bible Study for Teens, Life lessons for Teenagers

Set an Example in Conduct

These examples are customized for my kids – feel free to adjust when you talk with yours!

  • As an athlete, younger kids will watch you. If you smoke, dip, or drink, the message you are sending is that it is okay to smoke, dip, or drink.
  • Set an example for your peers in school work. If they see it is important to you to do well, they will try harder themselves. If they are working their minds out in school, they will be in better shape mentally when you need them on the basketball court or baseball diamond.
  • Son, you can be the one who makes it okay to say no – to smoking, drinking, blowing off schoolwork, drugs, having sex before you’re ready.

Listen to teens, listening to teenagers, Teen Bible Study, Teen life study

When you are a leader, you get to choose the path.

When you follow, if you don’t choose your path carefully, you can end up pretty far down a path you are not comfortable with.

Talking to Children, Bible Studies for Kids, Teen Bible Study, life lessons for children

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