A Christmas Memory

Southeast Texas Christmas Testimonial by Kathleen Angell

I was watching an old movie and it reminded me of a personal experience.

The young woman was from a very poor family. Her mother was praying to the Lord at Christmas, asking for help as they had nothing.

A rich man had squirreled away a lot of money in a floor board above where they lived, and a squirrel lived behind it in the rafters.

Christmas Beaumont TX

He started dropping all the rich man’s money from where it was hidden over the rafters and the praying woman began catching it.

She had no idea what had happened but only that her Christmas Prayer was answered.

When the father came home there was a beautiful tree, presents and the daughter was setting the table with a turkey and trimmings and she said, “The Lord has provided for us this Christmas.”

The movie brought to mind a Christmas when my children were young and the Lord answered my prayer and needs for our Christmas.

We knew the Lord and tried to serve Him as best we knew how, year round.

We were very poor and had three children. At Christmas I went out shopping with my brother and his girlfriend who were not Christians, and our money ran out quickly.

I didn’t get mad often, so the feelings I had were unusual. But as I stood there in the store and looking at the people shopping and getting things for their children, something came up and out of me, which was not me, and I looked at the people in the store and said, “How is it that those who do not serve the Lord have enough for their kids at Christmas and those who serve the Lord, don’t?”

I heard a voice spoken in my ear,

“Go home and get your money.”

And I said to my husband, ” The Lord said to go home and get our money.

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The hardest thing was not believing that the Lord had spoken to go home and get the money for our Christmas, the hardest thing for me to do was get it out of my mouth and to speak it out loud in front of people who didn’t believe in the Lord.

I am so glad that I did.

But it is also the most wonderful thing to do. Because when I do I see the Lord’s miracles.

So we said that we were going home and that the Lord had said to go home and get our money, our Christmas money was at home.

We got in our car and on the way home, my husband and I were very excited.

We were so poor that five dollars was a lot, and ten was a lot, and twenty was a lot. But what about fifty! That was the highest amount we could think of at the time! It was so much to us!

We said, “What if….it is ten dollars? What if it is twenty dollars…What if it is fifty dollars!! Could it be?”

That was the most we could think of at that time in our lives and was a great deal of money to us. A dollar was a lot to us.

When we got home, on our porch was an envelope.

It was a miracle that it was still there. And we knew it.
Inside was fifty dollars with the words written,
From Jesus.

Christmas Southeast Texas

I thank the Lord for this precious thing. To care about us enough to care about our needs and and our kids at Christmas.

Thank You, Lord!

We were able to provide our children with Christmas gifts. At our door that Christmas came everything we needed for our very special holiday celebration.

We had more than I’d ever known or able to get, all provided by Our Lord. Nothing and no one was left out. It was lovely.

Our family had everything we needed to make our home special and warm at Christmas time.

Like the girl in the movie, in my heart I could say we had the best Christmas ever.

It was our best Christmas ever not only for the things we were able to enjoy, but because of the direct intervention of the lord on our behalf.

Christmas lights Beaumont TX

All the things that made Christmas so nice and homey and warm for my family that I personally hadn’t experienced, but what I would think of as so very special.

And I knew in my heart that in our walk with the Lord Jesus in following Him, I’d never have to worry ever about my kids and holidays again and I never did.

They always had their needs met and more.

I thank the Lord.
So very, very much!

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About the author:
My name is Kathleen Angell.
My life was dramatically changed when the Lord made Himself real to me.

We hope you have enjoyed today’s feature, Southeast Texas Christmas Testimonial by Kathleen Angell.

There are lots of opportunities to give this Christmas.

You can give an anonymous gift like the one above. It can be a tremendous blessing – and make a real impact.

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Hope Center of Southeast Texas

Be a Santa to a Senior

Seniors give their wish lists and you can pick them up at trees at businesses and agencies across Southeast Texas.

Seniors desires are often small and affordable – slippers, deoderant, restaurant gift cards, robes, socks, and t-shirts.

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Girls Haven Beaumont TX

Girls haven serves Southeast Texas girls who do not have homes of their own.

They are a great group to give to.

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Merry Christmas Southeast Texas.

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