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One Father’s Thoughts on Christmas

It is Christmas time again in Southeast Texas.

I really enjoy Christmas. It doesn’t feel the same as when I was a child, but it is still pretty wonderful.

As a husband and father of two, one difference is certainly that I now have the responsibility, with my wife, of guiding my family through Christmas.

As with everything else in our lives, that means finding balance.  

First, we want the kids to really comprehend the meaning of Christmas. First, the story of Christ. Second, that it is a nice time to think of and to help others.

We start in November with Operation Christmas Child. Many Southeast Texas churches participate in Operation Christmas Child, so it is easy to get involved even if you do not yet have a home church. I really enjoy taking the boys and watching them shop for others. Even with our family budget being super tight this year, we were able to put together four super stuffed boxes that will go to four children somewhere else in the world. We try to mix the practical with the fun and to choose things that should last a long time. I’d hate to give a child in need a toy that broke quickly. When Operation Christmas Child is over, there are still lots of opportunities in Southeast Texas to give during the holidays. 

If you want to have the kids involved, the Salvation Army Angel Tree is a good one. It let’s you pick out a boy or girl (or adult) of a certain age and has their whole Christmas list. You can get them the things you can and the Salvation Army will get them to the needy child. One year money for our family was pretty good and we picked a child and were able to do their whole list and to add a couple of cool things. It felt really nice.

My wife likes to help specific kids she actually knows, or knows of. Any of your friends who are teachers, pastors, or school counselors can point you to kids who would appreciate something nice for Christmas. She also likes to do things that help out Southeast Texas single moms, which is nice. SETX single moms can certainly can use any help or act of kindness that comes their way.

The biggest balancing act is on giving gifts to our own children. We’ve probably been on both sides of that balancing scale, but we try to get it right. We’ve primarily stayed away from big ticket electronics because we’d rather our kids be outside. Accordingly, we’d rather give them really nice fishing poles rather than an X-Box. We also try to manage the number of gifts. Even the best, most appreciative children kind of glaze over when they are at an endless buffet of gifts and toys. Sometimes less really is more.

We also try to create good family memories when we can. We might give them a few less gifts and take them on trip to hunt or fish or visit relatives. I think that will mean more to them in the long run.

Hog hunting with kids Southeast Texas

The last few years, we have dramatically scaled down on gifts, replacing them with vacations to Del Rio / San Antonio, Gulfport /Destin, and D.C. / Chesapeake Bay.

We also try to do the little things that were important to us as children, and to generations of Southeast Texans before us. We make Christmas cookies from scratch and watch our children decorate them. We make ginger bread houses the years the kids are interested in them. We hang the stockings and decorate the tree. None of these things costs any real money, but they are the kinds of things that will stick with a child for a lifetime.

I think the best thing Southeast Texas parents can give their children at Christmas and year round is time. My own father worked at a chemical plant. He rarely punched in for less than sixty hours a week. As a result, there was always money for really nice Christmas gifts. Looking back though, it would have been great to have less money and more quality time. I know my dad was doing the best he knew how and I’m sure my own kids will be able to point out things I could have done differently.

Like all of you preparing your own family for a special Southeast Texas Christmas, I’ll do my best to find the right balance for my family.

We have enjoyed sharing today’s feature, Southeast Texas Dad’s Ministry – One Father’s Thoughts on Christmas

Merry Christmas to You All!

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We hope you have enjoyed today’s Southeast Texas Dad’s Ministry.  We hope we have provided some inspiration for managing and guiding your family’s Christmas in a way that best meets your vision.

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Merry Christmas Southeast Texas!



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