Southeast Texas Christian News: You Can Visit Israel with your Family or Church – Come by Sertino’s Beaumont on June 24 to Find Out How

On today’s Southeast Texas Christian News, we look at a special opportunity to make a unique pilgrimage to Israel.

On Wednesday June 24th, Joshua waller of HaYovel will be in Beaumont to educate Southeast Texas churches and Christian families about opportunities to partner with their group for trips to Israel.

These trips are unique in that they focus on putting Americans directly onto Israeli farms, olive groves, and vineyards for a unique perspective – it is almost like stepping into the pages of the Bible.

HaYovel Israel Tours

Two sessions will be offered. Each will feature a short presentation and then Joshua Waller of HaYovel will be available to answer any questions. Should you decide that the HaYovel experience is the “just right” fit for you, Joshua will help you with what to expect from your visit, what Israel is really like for average citizens, and to help plan your visit.

Here is the information:Sertino's Beaumont Tx

  • What: Joshua Waller will introduce you to HaYovel and their mission of pairing Southeast Texas families and churches with Israel’s farmers.
  • When. Wednesday, June 24th.
  • Session 1: 7:30am
  • Session 2: 11:30am
  • Questions? EM:

There is no cost or obligation to attendees of the informational meeting on June 24. All are welcome.

The HaYovel experience is designed to give a unique travel experience to Israel and with the hope that you’ll return as an engaged ambassador for Israel.

HaYovel JPEGWe hope you have enjoyed today’s Southeast Texas Christian News.

If your family or your Southeast Texas church has been seeking a meaningful opportunity to visit Israel, we encourage you to come to Sertino’s on the 24th to hear Joshua’s experience in the land of the Bible.

As Southeast Texas Christian families, we read about the Bible every week. Most of us are unable to put ourselves into the pages and to picture the land, the water, the environment that shaped the stories in Scripture.

We hope you’ll take the opportunity to make a meaningful pilgrimage to Israel with your family or a group from you Southeast Texas church.

HaYovel Tourism Israel


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HaYovel Southeast Texans to Tour Israel

HaYovel Israeli Tourism

Southeast Texas trip to Israel



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