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Free Bibles Available through Faith Comes by Hearing and Bible.IS

On Today’s Southeast Texas Christian News we look at one of the common Bible Apps.

Many Southeast Texas Christians have multiple Bibles.

Making the Bible accessible to everyone is a project that has been underway for 2000 years.

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In our Southeast Texas churches, you’ll find parishioners with many different versions of the Bible. Some versions feel “true to the original”, some are “written for the way I talk”, and there versions for men, for women, and several versions for children.

Sometimes I like to have the “Red Letter” Bible, so I can see which words were directly spoken by Jesus. I have a slender New Testament that I can carry comfortably and even tuck in a pocket.

If you look at ten different parishioners at any Southeast Texas church, you are likely to see four or five different versions of the Bible.

Some of the biggest challenges historically have been the language barrier and Bibles for the blind. The Bible has been translated into most, if not all, living languages. Braille Bibles are commonly available.

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One company is using technology to make the Bible available on audio in English and foreign languages for anyone with a smart phone. Even better? It is a free app. is making available for free to anyone with a smart phone or tablet.

Our Southeast Texas churches offer services in English, Spanish, Korean, and Vietnamese. There are many other languages represented in Southeast Texas, and many Southeast Texas Christians would like for family members in their home company to be able to experience the Bible in their own tongue.

Have you had trouble finding a Bible in your native language or that of a family member?

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Bible.IS is available on your computer, phone, or tablet. And it is free. The language list is deep, with over 700 total languages available.

The fact that audio is available breaks down multiple barriers including both vision and literacy. It is a very impressive product.

If it has been on your heart to find a version of the Bible in the native language of a friend or loved one, this great new app should have you covered.

Many Southeast Texas Churches have “” cards available with the basic information you need to get the app downloaded- for free.

If your Southeast Texas church is planning a mission trip or you work in a field where you interface with people from different countries who may be interested in an audio Bible in their language, it could be great to have a stack of these cards to pass out.

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My wife’s grandfather was a lifetime Gideon and a member of  First United Methodist Spurger. I know there are many Gideons in our Southeast Texas churches.

They have done a wonderful job of making Bibles available. It will be interesting to see how much the new technology lightens their burden.

If you are a Southeast Texas pastor or preparing for a missions trip and you have not received cards to give away to your pfree Bible App, Texas Christian News, Free Biblearishioners or on your mission trip, contact Brother Jimmy Lin of Wildwood Baptist Church who can tell you how to reach the publisher.

Wildwood Baptist Church Phone: 409.834.2215

Wildwood Baptist Church E-mail:


SETX Church Guide: Thank-you to all of the Southeast Texas Christians who have made it their life’s work to make sure Bibles were available throughout our community, our nation, and across the world. Many of you have seen a lot of changes in the way Bibles have been distributed over the years. We’d love to share your story with other Southeast Texas Christians. Please feel free to e-mail us your story:

Does your Southeast Texas church have a special way of sharing the Bible with others? We’d love to hear about it.

Thank-you to everyone in the mission field. I hope this will be a wonderful tool, breaking down some of the traditional barriers to sharing God’s word around the globe.

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We hope you have enjoyed today’s Southeast Texas Christian News.

Stay tuned for more SETX Christian events, information, and inspiration.

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