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Thoughts on Good Stewardship

Have you ever been responsible for someone’s money? 

My dad used to send me Christmas shopping for my mom with $200. I certainly didn’t have the money to supplement if I went over, so I was super careful in my selections.

Oh, I knew what mom liked, and I could find plenty of great gifts to buy. The issue was CHOOSING to stay in dad’s limit. That was the challenge.

Ummm, much like budgeting for my family today. My perspective is that I’m not working with daddy’s money anymore, but God’s.

Every penny I have is His, so I am making purchases in His name; purchases that provide food for my family, shelter and clothes for my children, birthday gifts for friends, and dates with my hunny-bunny.

Granted, the check came with my name on it and I did exchange 40 hours of my life for it, but it is still His money that I am working with and so shall it be treated.

I look at it with the same care and thoughtfulness as Christmas shopping for my dad.

I didn’t get to keep my dad’s change after my jaunt through Dillard’s; I gave it to my father along with the purchases I chose.

And, so the cycle of trust and provision continues under God. I spend my money with his authority knowing that the gifts (food, mortgage, gasoline) are being chosen within the bounds that honor Him.

He chooses to bless and with those provisions I will in turn prayerfully bless Him.

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