Southeast Texas Christian Leagues forming at Bowl Star Lanes Beaumont

If you like bowling and enjoy Southeast Texas Christian fellowship, we have a great opportunity for you.

Bowl Star Lanes Beaumont has a vision.

They would like to provide a backdrop for Southeast Texas Christians to fellowship and develop relationships.

Southeast Texas Christian bowling leagues

Christian Bowling Leagues


By forming Christian bowling leagues.

Christians could come together and share a fun activity and make relationships -within their own church and denomination and beyond.

As Southeast Texas Christians bowl and fellowship they will also have the opportunity to talk about all of the things near and dear to them – ministries, missions, upcoming projects, and events.

Who knows what these dialogues will lead to? Joint revivals? Combined mission trips? Shared events?

If you would like to look at forming or joining a league, call Bowl Star Beaumont and they will help you put it together.

A Christian league at Bowls Star can:

  • Help make lifetime friendships 

    Southeast Texas Christian fellowship bowling leagues

    Christian Bowling Leagues Forming Now

  • Raise funds for a charity
  • Team Building (pastoral team, Sunday school leaders, deacons, committees)

Some additional personal benefits of joining a Bowl Star league include:

  • Discounted practice bowling
  • Pro shop discounts
  • Win awards and patches
  • Fun, healthy hobby

It can be wonderful to find meaningful fellowship opportunities outside of the sanctuary. It can also be great when Christians from different communities, denominations, and churches get together.

Something as simple as fellowship can turn into something profound.

Bowl Star Lanes

Ask for Tabitha Self, Manager

4180 Pinkston Dr. Beaumont, TX

(409) 892-3851


Southeast Texas Christian Bowling Leagues

Christian Leagues Forming

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s Southeast Texas Christian fellowship opportunity.

Looking for more changes to spend time with other SETX Christians?

Stay tuned to SETX Church Guide.

Christian Church League Beaumont Tx

Join a Christian bowling league today

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