Southeast Texas Christian Families Enjoy the South Texas State Fair

Many Southeast Texas Christian families are looking forward to spending time together at the 2014 South Texas State Fair.

Sometimes known locally as the “Southeast Texas State Fair”, the event is actually big enough to be different things to different people.

To parents and grandparents, it’s a place where their children and grandchildren display their arts and crafts. As you would imagine with all of the cuts in local public school art programs, Southeast Texas home school and Christian school students have a great chance of taking home ribbons.

South Texas State Fair Student Artists

Southeast Texas home school children also do really well in showing animals (many are members of local FFA or 4H chapters).

Of course, at its heart the South Texas State Fair is a carnival. Kids and families will always gravitate to the old standbys:

–          The Ferris wheel

–          The Tilt a Whirl

–          Popping balloons with darts

–          Ring Toss

South Texas State Fair Ferris Wheel

The names, prizes, and window dressing may change, but each generation recognizes the core of a good carnival. When you watch your child at the ring toss or the duck pond, in some way you’re watching yourself.

Create some nice memories and join other Southeast Texas Christian families at the South Texas State Fair.

South Texas State Fair Beaumont Foodie

South Texas State Fair Quilters

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