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In the past couple of months, Mallory and I have been blessed to share meals with a lot of people. As we were wrapping up our time in Garland, and as we start our new journey here in Kountze, several people have invited us over for dinner, gone with us to restaurants, and brought food to our new home. It has been AWESOME. (Especially the cookies) But as we have struggled to find time to exercise and have simultaneously feasted on a smorgasbord* of delicious food- we have both felt a little bit unhealthy.

After we enjoyed the seafood lunch buffet at Mama Jacks in Kountze, TX on Friday, we knew that something had to change! So we decided to do something about it. One of my friends had shared some P90X workout videos with me. So we settled on one called “Pylometrics.” The instructor informed us that this video was all about “jump training.” Once it got going, Mallory and I were jumping all around our living room. But it didn’t take long for us to discover that we were not prepared for the level of exercise in this video. We made it through half of the workout before succumbing to fatigue and exhaustion.

But as I started to research the philosophy behind P90X and their videos, I was amazed at the radical level of commitment required to fulfill the program. I have several friends who have gone through the workouts and seen wonderful results! And while I have never done P90X, I have lost a significant amount of weight in the past several years, and I understand the radical commitment it takes to eat healthy and consistently work out.

In 90 days, with an hour of exercise- you can radically transform your body. That’s the selling point. Some of you are ready to do that after reading this. Mallory and I both were intrigued as we did the research.

But it’s interesting to me that a similar commitment to the Word of God seems ridiculous and unobtainable.

If I challenged you to spend an hour a day in prayer for 90 days, or an hour of reading God’s Word for 90 days, most of us would not feel excitement and anticipation.

What’s the difference? Why does the idea of radical physical commitment seem more plausible that radical spiritual commitment?biblefood

I think it is the fact that we long for immediate results! In 90 days, you can tell that you have lost weight and gained muscle. Yet many of us struggle to see the signs of spiritual health developing in our lives. We long to see results from all of the effort we put out!

As your pastor, I believe that God wants us to be healthy physically AND spiritually. In the end, it’s a question of priority. If your health takes priority over the spiritual things in your life- something is wrong.

Exercise and eat healthy- for the glory of God.

But don’t forget to feed your soul.

Would you be willing to make a radical commitment to spending time with God? You may not make it on an infomercial- but I promise you, the “before” and “after” of your spiritual life would certainly bear results!

“for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.” 1 Timothy 4:8b

*Confession- I’ve been trying to get the word “smorgasbord” into a blog for years. Today was my (and your) lucky day.

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Thank-you Brother Rusty Mott for sharing this message with Southeast Texas Christians. Just over the past two years, a large number of “Cross Fit” and “Fitness Boot Camp” locations have opened across Southeast Texas. At the same time, I’ve heard a number of Southeast Texas church pastor’s and personnel confess that, “We have a dying church”. I hope your blog helps Southeast Texas Christians achieve all of the goals you have outlined – healthy eating, healthy exercise, and a healthy portion of God’s Word.

This was a classic blog from Rusty Mott. It is a favorite, and we wanted to bring it back. Check out Rusty’s new blogs on the Cornerstone Church of Kountze website.

Invitation to Share: I have seen a number of wonderful fitness stories over the past year- I have also seen a lot of Southeast Texas Christians find ways to enjoy larger, more nourishing portion’s of God’s Word. Do you have a story you’d like to share with Southeast Texas Christians? Does your Southeast Texas Church have a program that has helped you get more fit physically or more fit in your walk with the Lord? We’d love to hear from you. It is as easy as sending us an e-mail: .

If you see anything on that you would like to share with your Southeast Texas Church or with fellow Southeast Texas Christians, we encourage you to do so.

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