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This week our Southeast Texas Christian Business Spotlight is focused on Hardin County Motors. spotlight 1Hardin County Motors was started by long time Sour Lake Motors mechanic Gordon Spurlock and his wife Sonja. Sonja was the Wildwood Baptist Church secretary for a number of years. The Spurlocks are members of Wildwood Baptist Church where Sonja continues to help spearhead the annual Wildwood Baptist Christmas Craft Fair. Both were interested in starting a business that would allow them to spend more time together. Hardin County Motors allows them to work as a team. The Spurlocks have two grown children, Nicole who is very involved with animal rescue and Jake who graduated from Kelly High in Beaumont. Jake is very entrepreneurial – don’t be surprised if he is a future Southeast Texas Christian business owner. Hardin County Motors is located at 550 North Pine Street in Kountze (Highway 69). Hardin County Motors has three primarily roles: 1. Hardin County Motors is a State Vehicle Inspection Site 2. Hardin County Motors sells used cars, SUVs, and Trucks 3. Hardin County Motors can perform repairs or maintenance to keep your current vehicle on the road. Working with a  Southeast Texas Christian Owned business offers consumers a number of advantages. When dealing with Hardin County Motors, some of the advantages include:

  • Gordon and Sonja want your pre-owned car to be trouble free. By the time you first see the vehicle, Gordon will already have gone through and made any needed repairs that he has been able to identify. It is not uncommon for him to put on new tires, a new transmission, or even a new motor in a Hardin County Motors vehicle before offering it for sale
  • Hardin County Motors is a Texas Vehicle Inspection Site. Tail light out? They can replace it on site and get you back on the road.
  • Hardin County Motors takes care of customers. Many people have already bought 2nd or 3rd vehicles from Hardin County Motors. On a recent visit a lady had paid off a nice Buick she’d gotten from Hardin County Motors and traded it back in (still in great running condition) on a newer vehicle. With a used car dealer, repeat business is a great indicator of their service after the sale. Anyone can sell you a car once. If they sell you a 2nd or 3rd vehicle, they must be doing something right!

If you’re looking for a quality Southeast Texas used car or truck, consider Hardin County Motors. Gordon and Sonja will take good care of you – and your money will stay right here in Southeast Texas. Hardin County Motors Texas State Inspection If you’re looking to keep your car or truck on the road, bring it by Hardin County Motors for repair and maintenance. When it’s time to get your vehicle inspected, Hardin County Motors can take care of that too.

  • Hardin County Motors
  • Pre-owned Auto Sales (cars, SUVs, and trucks evaluated by a certified mechanic)
  • Auto Repair
  • State Inspections

Phone: (409) 246-2889 Address: 550 North Pine St. in Kountze TX Hours. Tues- Fri 9a-6p. Saturday 7a-3p. Thank-you to Hardin County Motors and all of our Southeast Texas Christian businesses for making Southeast Texas a good place to do business.

Hardin County Motors Southeast Texas used car dealer

Hardin County Motors – Our Southeast Texas Christian Business of the Week

Do you prefer to work with locally owned Christian businesses?

Hardin County Motors would love the opportunity to inspect your vehicle, repair your car, or help you find the “just right” next pre-owned vehicle.

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